Reaper (scythe) of the general’s soul in V Rising: how to get

The General’s Soul Reaper is one of the most powerful weapons in V Rising, similar in its characteristics to the Merciless Iron Reaper, but with bonus passives and unique abilities to achieve superiority in combat. However, unlike the standard gear unlocked through the Research Table or Cabinet, the General’s Soul Reaper can only be obtained by acquiring a secret “Recipe” from an Elite Mafia and crafting a Schematic at the Forge in V Rising.

To unlock the General Soul Reaper blueprint at the forge in V Rising, the Vampire Adventurers will need an item known as the General Soul Reaper Orb of Knowledge. These Orbs are hidden consumables that can be used locally to unlock new technology. After using the Knowledge Orb for the General’s Soul Reaper, the weapon blueprint will automatically become available in the forge. Accordingly, vampires can only obtain the Orb as a periodic drop from an elite enemy known as the Undead Commander.

The Undead Commander is a level 49 enemy that is a towering figure armed with an upgraded version of the general’s Soul Reaper. Although this tall undead humanoid does not possess V-blood, the Undead Commander is still formidable enough to be considered a mini-boss in V Rising. Therefore, players are strongly advised to reach at least level 50 or higher before attempting to counter this elite enemy mob.

The Undead Commander can be found in two locations on Danlí Farmlands: the Haunted Iron Mine and the Church of the Damned. In the Haunted Iron Mine, the commander can usually be found in the southernmost chamber. As a rule, there are no other enemies nearby, so an encounter with an elite enemy should not be much of a problem. However, if the Undead Commander is roaming the mines of the Haunted Iron Mine, players are advised to lure him to the south room for an easier fight. On the other hand, the Church of the Damned will have a lot more hostile mobs spawning in a concentrated location. In addition, Shadow Priestess Leandra roams nearby, which can be a problem when fighting the Undead Commander. Thus, choosing the Haunted Iron Mine as the arena for fighting the Undead Commander may be optimal for most fighters.

However, after defeating the Undead Commander and obtaining his Orb of Knowledge, V Rising vampires can return to their castle forge and craft the General’s Reaper of Souls using the following resources:

  • Common Mist Stone ×4
  • Greater Blood Essence ×4
  • Iron ingot ×24
  • Board ×16
  • Gem Dust ×120

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