Reaper Hug in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok: how to use

New DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla expands the campaign, plus you’ll be able to explore a whole new kingdom. The Dawn of Ragnarok offers new items and unique abilities that can be used to eliminate enemies, explore the map, solve puzzles, and sneak. One of the new items that players will receive at the very beginning of the game is the Harvester Hug, a dwarven tool that can harvest the power of defeated enemies and add it to your arsenal.

Reaper Hug is required in order to unlock some locations that will advance the plot of the new DLC. It’s a beautiful piece of Dwarf craftsmanship, and it can contain five unique abilities, all five of which you can get right from the start of the expansion. In this guide, you will learn where to get each Reaper Hua ability, what items you will need to upgrade each ability, and where to find them.

How to get Reaper Hug in Valhalla

Obviously you need to get the Reaper Hug first, which will only happen after you reach a certain point in the Dawn of Ragnarok.

  • In the prologue, you will fight Surtr as Xavi. After the fight, you will wake up in the form of Eivor with mistletoe in your hands.
  • Take the mistletoe to Valka and ask her to share her wisdom with you. She will ask you to bring the mistletoe to the sacred circle behind her hut and burn it inside. A flame will rise and it will take you to Xavi’s memories, starting the main quest A Gift to God.
  • In the role of Xavi, you will meet Sigrun and Halstein – these are two dwarves who saved you and will ask you for help. Kill Muspel, who managed to get inside the dwarven chamber, and once the area is safe, Sigrun will take the Reaper Hu hidden there and give it to Xavi as a gift.

How to use Reaper Hug

Reaper Hug drains the essence of any enemy you kill, stealing their power and making it his own. No matter how you play the expansion, the first power you unlock will always be Muspelheim’s Power.

There are a total of five new abilities stored in Reaper Hug, and you can slot two of them into quick-use slots to activate them whenever you want.

To get abilities from fallen enemies, you need to stand next to the body and press the button that will appear on the screen. The gift of the gnomes will gather power and you can use it for a limited time.

Each power uses Hug, essentially the spirit or life force of the enemy. In Dawn of Ragnarök, there are three ways to collect hugr.

  • Hugr leaves the body after physical death, meaning all the enemies you killed will bring you some hugr.
  • You can also collect it from hugr flowers found in Svartalfheim.
  • The last method involves giving away part of your health to replenish the stocks of hugr in the shrines of Yggdrasil.

You can also unlock two upgrades for each of these unique abilities with silica and shards specific to that ability.

How to upgrade Reaper Hug

Reaper Hu can only be upgraded at forges located in gnome hideouts throughout Svartalfheim. You can quickly move to these places on the map and call the blacksmith to upgrade your powerful tool, if, of course, you have enough resources.

  • While Fragments unique to each power can be collected by killing enemies, Silica can only be found in Milnas. In order to get silica, you will have to raid these locations.
  • In addition to strength upgrades, you can also add Hug the Dwarf to your kit for 10 Silica to get an extra strength bar.
  • Another upgrade that you can ask the blacksmith to make for you is called “Highest”. It allows you to choose from four available upgrades that best suit your playstyle. You can change an active improvement with a little help from any blacksmith.
    • With the Ultimate Upgrade, you can gain a third power slot (Versatility), increase the amount of Hugr harvested by 50% (Efficiency), sacrifice health to fully replenish a Hurg without a Sanctuary (Sacrifice), or gain 15 seconds of bonus duration for your active power ( sliding stream).

Where to find Muspelheim’s power

You get the Strength of Muspelheim skill in the Reaper of Hug tutorial. Any enemy of Muspel can drop this skill, but by the time you meet other Muspels, you will already have this skill.

Muspelheim’s strength makes you immune to lava, fire damage, and all kinds of explosions. This ability can also be used to disguise Xavi as one of the Muspels, allowing him to move around undetected. However, any destructive actions will immediately break the disguise.

There are two upgrades for Muspelheim’s Strength, each requiring 5 Silica and 20 Blood Magma.

  • Muspelheim Endurance: Strength duration increased from 25 seconds to 35 seconds.
  • Fury of Muspelheim: You will make a heavy attack that will cause an explosion in a 5m radius.

Where to find the Power of Rebirth

The quickest way to get this power is to kill the Muspel guard hanging around the Fornam dig site in the Gullnamar region. Kill one of the Muspels in the area, approach the corpse and collect the power.

The power of rebirth sets your weapon on fire and it has a high chance of inflicting flame damage to enemies over 40 seconds. Enemies you kill while the power is active will be resurrected to fight for you. The only exceptions are boss-type enemies – they cannot be resurrected to fight on your side.

There are two respawn power upgrades, each requiring five silica and 20 living sparks.

  • Instant Horde: This ability resurrects dead bodies (except bosses) within a ten meter radius to fight by your side.
  • Draugr Shield: You take 20% less damage and can’t be interrupted by enemy attacks, but you can still be hurt.

Where to find Raven Power

You can get Raven Power by killing any of the giant ravens all over the map. In fact, there is a giant raven by a small stream directly west of the first gnome hideout you open.

The power of the raven allows you to transform into a raven and fly around the map for up to 30 seconds or until you land on a flat surface. This is an excellent skill for covering large distances in a short amount of time, as well as for getting into inaccessible places.

You can unlock two upgrades for Raven Power. For each of these, you will need five Silica and 20 Giant Feathers.

  • Raven Killer: This upgrade allows you to kill enemies while in the air, but the destruction of the target is considered a landing, so the ability is deactivated immediately after killing the enemy.
  • Raven Endurance: This increases the duration of the ability to 50 seconds.

Where to find the power of Jotunheim

It doesn’t take long to unlock the Authority of Jotunheim, just head to the Svaladal region and find the road west of Gufathorp – it’s the road that goes south to north. Numerous detachments of jotuns patrol along and across the road. Kill the Jotuns and steal their powers.

While Jotunheim’s power is active, dodging and dodging will teleport you short distances. You can also use your bow to teleport to the Bond World in Svartalfheim.

This ability also allows you to disguise yourself as one of the jotuns, which works the same as Muspelheim’s ability.

You have two additional upgrades that come with this power; each upgrade requires five silica and 20 sedr jotuns.

  • Incarnation of Jotunheim: This upgrade increases the duration of the power by 15 seconds after each successful kill, provided you are not detected by enemies. The base duration of the power is 25 seconds.
  • Killing Jotunheim: You can teleport and kill your enemies by aiming and shooting them with your bow. This ability depletes your full stamina.

Where to find the power of winter

You can find this power in the same place where you found the Power of Jotunheim. Hunt the guards on the road west of Gufathorp and one of them will drop the Force of Winter. Collect and equip the power to use it.

The Force of Winter imbues your weapons with ice, causing your attacks to deal Freeze damage. With this power, you can completely freeze enemies and shatter them into pieces with a final blow.

You can upgrade this ability with two more side skills, for this you need 5 Silica and 20 Frozen Blood.

  • Wrath of Winter: Shattering an enemy after being completely frozen causes an explosion that deals Freeze damage to other nearby enemies.
  • Stinging Cold: Increases overall damage by 10%, freeze speed also increases.

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