PvE or PvP in V Rising: which mode to choose

Before you can choose a server in V Rising, you will be presented with a huge number of options. Unlike other survival games that have the option to turn PvP on or off, here you have to choose from the start whether you want to conquer humanity or compete with your fellow vampires for supremacy.

That being said, apart from the standard PvE and PvP, there are several other options, and the differences between them may not be obvious. Choosing the right game mode for you depends not only on how many people you play with, but also on what you want to get out of the game. Let’s take a look at your options.

How PvE works in V Rising

  • Recommended 1-4 players
  • Can teleport using items
  • No item durability loss

You might be interested in playing V Rising, but you couldn’t convince your friends to download it, and you don’t have time to play every day. PvE is the ideal low stakes option for players who find survival against the game quite challenging.

This mode is very gentle. Not only does it allow you to teleport around the map no matter what resources you may have on you, but it doesn’t affect the durability of your weapons or equipment. This means that you can safely rush at stronger enemies and carriers of V blood.

Choose PvE if you are new to survival games or looking for a single player survival experience.

How PvP works in V Rising

  • Recommended 3-4 players
  • It is forbidden to teleport with items
  • Loss of durability after death
  • All loot, except for weapons and equipment, drops on death

Standard PvP is not recommended if you are going into V Rising for the first time or solo. Unless you know how to turn enemies into friends. Although you have a delay when you start on a new server when other players can’t attack you, those ten minutes will feel like nothing when you face the first full four-player team with nothing but a Bone Sword in your hands.

In this mode, other players can besiege your castle at certain times of the day, taking all the goodies that are inside. They can also loot everything you have on you, except weapons and equipment, if they catch you off guard. Since you can’t walk through the Gate with any resources on you, the risk of running into enemy players also increases, simply because you have to travel long distances to get all your goodies back to the castle.

Choose PvP if you already have a group of friends or want to make new friends.

PvP with full loot

  • Recommended 4 players
  • Teleportation with items is prohibited
  • All loot drops upon death, including weapons and equipment
  • Ability to destroy enemy castles

If you thought standard PvP sounded tough, then full loot PvP is going to be quite harsh. The reason four players are highly recommended for this mode is because there are so many ways to get things back on track. Every time you die, all of your loot drops, including weapons and gear. In this version of the game, enemy players can not only lay siege to your castle, but also turn it into ruins.

Ideal to have four friends who crave a challenge or mayhem. At least every time you lose all your progress, there will be four of you to grind all the resources. With at least four players, you also have a better chance of leveling up yourself and your castle faster, giving you an edge before your first PvP encounter.

Choose PvP with full loot if you have a group of friends who can devote time to daily and competitive play, or if you are a survival or PvP veteran.

PvP for two

  • Recommended 1-2 players
  • It is forbidden to teleport with items
  • Loss of durability after death
  • All loot, except for weapons and equipment, drops on death

You want more challenges from V Rising, but you don’t have three or four friends to call on to log into the game every day. The PvP mode for two will suit you. This mode is identical to standard PvP in almost every way, except that you can create a clan of up to two vampires.

This means that if you decide to venture into the chaos of PvP without help, your main task is to deal with two enemies at the same time. Therefore, this is by far the friendliest PvP mode in V Rising. While enemy players can lay siege to your castle, they can’t completely destroy it, giving you at least a little respite for the worst.

Choose the 2-player PvP mode if you only have one friend to play with, or if you’re looking for a more challenging challenge without the risk of a one-on-four fight.

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