PvE Guide to Frost DK in WoW BFA 8.3 / Battle for Azeroth

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The death knight “Ice”, popularly referred to as “Frost DK”, is a powerful melee fighter in plate armor. In patch 8.3, Frost was significantly buffed, and now the spec is very competitive.

In this guide to Frost DK in WoW BFA, we will look at the basics of playing for the spec.


  1. Race selection
  2. Education/talent
  3. Rotation
  4. Attribute Priority
  5. Solo target:
  6. AOE:
  7. Consumable
  8. Glasses:
  9. Pots and flasks:
  10. stones

Race selection

In the image below you can see the simulation results for the solo target.


The best build for frost looks like this:

This build is quite simple and forgives some rotation errors without reducing the DPS output.


Standard rotation Frost DK in WoW BFA:

  1. Ice Strike if you are under the influence ice claws and always maintain the effect
  2. howling wind if there is a use from Frost.
  3. Destruction if you have more than 2 runes and active Waves of cold.
  4. Ice Strike to spend Runic Power (73+)
  5. Ice Spit if there is a use from killing machine. Use Destruction if you have 4+ ready runes, you have no talent Ice Spit or during use Breath of Sindragosa.
  6. Destruction
  7. Ice Strike

Attribute Priority

Solo target:

  1. Crete
  2. Mastery
  3. Speed
  4. Versatility
  5. Strength
  • Mastery = Crit > Haste = Versatility > Strength


  1. Mastery
  2. Crete
  3. Versatility
  4. Speed
  5. Strength
  • Mastery > Crit > Versatility > Haste > Strength



Rings: Enchant Ring – Attunement of Haste/ Enchant Ring – Attunement of Critical Strike/ Enchant Ring – Attunement of Mastery / Enchant Ring – Attunement of Versatility]

Choose depending on what feature is missing

Pots and flasks:

Strong Flask of Surf Power for any situation

Potion of Unbridled Fury for 1 target. Superior Battle Potion of Strength for 2-3 purposes, Potion of Enhanced Environment for 4+


Leviathan’s eye of power in one slot

Deadly Lavryte/ Masterful seacurrant/ Dark Opal of Versatility/ Sand spinel of swiftness. Choose according to the missing feature

This completes the Frost DK guide in WoW 8.3 BFA. Do you have any questions? Write in the comments.

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