Pumpkinhead Madness in Elden Ring: how to win

Elden Ring allows you to complete any number of bosses in any order. Bosses also often hide all sorts of rewards, and Pumpkinhead Madness is no exception. Defeating this opponent is an important step if you want to build your character on the Sorcery skill.

Pumpkinhead Madness Overview

  • Location: Settlement ruins
  • Optional: Yes
  • Spirit Summons: Yes
  • Drop: 1.000 runes
  • Weakness: Fire, bleeding

Pumpkinhead Lunatic is an optional and recurring boss that spawns in Elden Ring, first in the south of Graveyard and then in Kalem. He also appears as a standard enemy throughout the game. Pumpkinhead Lunatic is slow, but can hit hard if you are low level. Beware of her surprisingly long reach thanks to her spinning tail ability.

For those familiar with FromSoftware’s offerings, this enemy is reminiscent of many of its games and should be fairly easy to deal with. However, for those new to Elden Ring combat, using summons and ranged attacks to distract the boss can make the fight much easier.

Completing the boss fight will net you 1,000 runes, a useful amount in the early game. But more importantly, you will get access to NPCs, which is very important if you want to use sorcery throughout the game. After the fight is over, open the door at the back of the room and you will find Sellen, the sorceress. After the dialogue ends, she will sell you some powerful spells. There is also a secret dialogue that can be heard if you have low intelligence.

Where to find Pumpkinhead Madness

To find this boss, you need to head south from the Graveyard, the starting area of ​​the game, and find the Settlement Ruins. This place can be seen on the map above. When approaching the Settlement Ruins, be careful as there are several flower-like enemies that can poison you. One of these enemies, the biggest pink flower, can also use an AOE magic attack that does a lot of damage in the early game.

When you get to the Settlement Ruins, there will be a series of stone steps leading down to the dungeon; here you will find the Pumpkinhead Madman.

How to defeat Pumpkinhead Madness


In a boss fight, this enemy’s most common attack is a quick double slash right in front of him. Following this, the boss will often use a heavy swing attack to drive his hammer into the ground – beware of this attack because it hits hard. The pumpkinhead madman can also use just one quick swing of his hammer; this attack is very fast, so be on the lookout.

Lastly, the boss slams its head into the ground, often dealing massive damage; this attack is the same for all versions of Pumpkinhead. In the overworld, you can encounter a version of this enemy with a long club – the attacks are very similar, but they take longer to recognize.

This boss is relatively easy if you pick it up at level 20 or higher. To make the fight go as smoothly as possible, use your summoners. At the beginning of the game, you will most likely have Lone Wolf Ashes. Once summoned, the wolves will distract the boss and give you a great opportunity to attack.

Hand-to-hand combat strategy

The tail of the Pumpkinhead Madness can create a number of problems due to the cramped boss arena. When he swings his weapon, roll away from the attack as soon as you feel he is about to hit you. Also, watch out for his attack – you don’t want to get hit by that big pumpkin.

Note: The boss leaves a bleeding effect, which will be displayed by filling the meter in the center of the screen.

If you are having trouble, this fight is perfect for using summoners – they will distract the enemy, giving you a great opportunity to attack from behind.

Ranged strategy

Due to the close quarters in which you encounter the Pumpkinhead Madman, it will be difficult for you to cast spells before he gets to you and attacks. Again, the best way to avoid this is to use your summoners. However, if you want to defeat this boss alone, rush into his attacks instead of evading them using the game’s invincibility shackle system to gain a short-term advantage.

General Tips

  • Make sure you are level 20 or higher;
  • Use the pryzv of spirits;
  • Dodge his attacks, this will give you the opportunity to use his slow movement;
  • Watch out for bleeding buildup, it will deal massive damage if you let it reach its maximum;
  • Create some distance when he uses his Headbutt attack.

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