Power cable puzzle at St. Paul’s Island power plant in Dying Light 2

The St. Paul’s Island power plant in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is located in the northeastern part of the map. This is one of those places that is off the beaten track and you can get there while free roaming. Here is our guide to help you solve the St. Paul’s Island power plant puzzle so that it can be assigned to one faction or another.

Guide to the power cable puzzle at the St. Paul’s Island Power Plant

Cable 1/A/B, terminal B and container with resistor

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the St. Paul’s Island power plant in Dying Light 2 is that the bottom of the building is submerged. The upper sections also have several wall terminals and locked gates.

Climb down and find Cable 1/A/B underwater. It will work for those terminals, although we don’t want to mess around with terminal 1 just yet.

Similarly, nearby you should find a container with an inhibitor. Go and open it to get updates.

For now, connect the cable to terminal B. Make sure you open the gate marked B (including those in the underwater area).

The ones upstairs have terminal 3, but we can’t do anything with it yet.

Terminal C

Instead, go downstairs and swim until you find Terminal C. There is a gate here, as well as another one in the next corridor.

If you go up the stairs, you will find cable C. Connect it to the terminal and open the gate.

Terminal 3

Next, check the metal gate marked with the letter C. One of them leads to another chamber filled with water with cable 3.

Fortunately, the gate takes you back to the main area and the cable is quite long (50 meters). You can bring it to the appropriate terminal I mentioned earlier.

Terminal A

Next, we will return to the main cable – 1/A/B – to disconnect it. Take the cable again and lead it to terminal A in the upper zone. Go ahead and open the gate marked A (including the ones submerged in water).

Terminal 2

You should also see Terminal 2 in the upper area behind the gate. Climb down and swim again. This time, swim through the underwater corridors until you find a room with cable 2. Make sure you take the fastest route to the appropriate car.

Terminal 1

Finally, take out cable 1/A/B again and connect it to terminal 1. Press the switch in the control room to complete the power cable puzzle in the St. Paul’s Island power plant in Dying Light 2 and assign the faction object.

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