Paper in V Rising: how to make

Paper is a knowledge resource in V Rising, used primarily to research new technologies in your castle’s library. In particular, x50 paper is needed to open a new recipe or blueprint in the research table. To make paper for this purpose, vampires need to build a device known as the Paper Press, a machine that creates a sheet of paper from sawdust and plant fibers in V Rising. However, the Paper Press can only be unlocked randomly by exploring the Cabinet, a workspace that requires paper to craft.

Like Whetstone, papermaking in V Rising is a somewhat paradoxical process, requiring the player to “get paper in order to make paper”. However, the procedure is not overly complicated, as long as the vampire adventurers understand what they need to do and where to go. To begin, players must defeat Nikolaus the Fallen, a level 37 Blood Boss V located in the Forgotten Graveyard in Farbane Forest. By killing this boss, the bloodsucking pilgrims will be rewarded with two vampire powers and a blueprint for a structure to research.

After defeating Nikolaus and unlocking the cabinet, V Rising fans can create a workbench using x8 grave dust, x8 copper ingots, x40 planks, and x40 paper. Starting with paper, vampires can get this resource at every bandit camp in Farbane Forest. Each outpost has a paper listed as an important loot, which means that there is a good chance that players will get a lore material by raiding that point of interest.

How to open and craft paper in V Rising

Once V Rising players have set up their office, they must obtain the scrolls, an advanced form of paper, from the camps or militia camps at Danlí Farms. Similar to the bandit camps in Farbane Forest, when clearing these militia outposts, the player has a high chance of getting Scrolls. Once players have collected the x75 scrolls, they can continue to try to discover something new in the office in their castle. Unfortunately, the opening process is based on RNG, so it can take from several hours to several days before the papermaking device becomes available in V Rising.

However, when the vampires finally open the paper press, they will be able to produce sheets of paper from vegetable fiber ×4 and sawdust ×12. For those who want to take their abs further and create paper scrolls, you’ll first need to unlock its recipe. The recipe can be obtained by killing Frostmaw Mountain Horror, the level 57 boss of V Blood, who roams the paths around the Sacred Mountains in V Rising.

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