Ornstein Dragonslayer and Executioner Smough in Dark Souls: how to win

Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Executioner Smough are some of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls. These are the two most formidable bosses in the game. Not only do you have to fight both of them at the same time, the difficulty increases towards the second phase, and the rewards you get depend on who you kill last.

How to defeat Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Executioner Smough

They are a difficult couple and can be quite a challenge, but by following our advice, making sure you are well equipped, and paying attention to their way of moving, you should be able to defeat Ornstein and Smough with minimal problems. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Soler’s shiny call sign is waiting for you to click on it should you need it.

Tips before the battle

One of the most important things you’ll want to do is start a nearby fire so you don’t have to go far back in case you have to try again. It’s best to light the fire after the shortest path up the stairs, where you’ll have to jump a bit over the steps and there will be a room on the left that contains Soler.

The bonfire can be found in the room shown in the picture below.

Extra Healing Tip:

We recommend that you defeat Pinville first. This is a much easier fight, and defeating the Whirlwind will allow you to build a fire for up to 20 charges of Estus Flasks. This will be very useful to you in the upcoming fight with Ornstein and Smogg.

Pinville can be found at the very bottom of the Catacombs, shortly after you find the blacksmith Vamos. He is in a chamber behind a misty wall patrolled by an army of wheeled skeletons.

If you find it difficult to fight, you can call on an ally to help. Solera can be summoned directly from the boss room, or you can even summon a friend using a soapstone with a white sign. However, keep in mind that this will make the fight more difficult, as the bosses will have 50 percent more health.

As for weapons and buffs for this fight, avoid lightning. While she helps against Smough in the first phase, she’s not worth the damage reduction you get from Ornstein. Fire is incredibly effective against both of them, so it’s best to use it.

Amplify your power of fire

Tip: If you have a Chaos Flame Amber or Large Flame Amber, use them to upgrade a powerful weapon with fire damage to deal additional damage to both bosses. You can do this by talking to the blacksmith Vamos.

You can also use tree sap, which gives an additional 80 fire damage to your right weapon for 60 seconds. Be sure to take a few of these resins with you if you can.

We do not recommend using the ascended weapon you just unlocked in Anor Londo for this fight, as it will strip you of any Titanite Shard statuses you previously had on your weapon. Instead, use the most upgraded weapon you have.

Phase one: Ornstein and Smough

Ornstein’s Attacks Smough’s Attacks Ornstein will swing his weapon up to four times. When this happens, you can attack him between his swings or go and attack Smough. This step is easy to block. Smough will raise his hammer above his head and slam it into the ground. This is a very slow attack, so you will have plenty of time to dodge it by rolling to the side or dodging to the side. It has a slow cooldown, so after that you have the perfect opportunity to attack. Be careful as this attack can break through broken pillars. Ornstein jumps into the air and jabs in front of him. This attack can go through pillars, but can be dodged by rolling to the side. However, he goes quite far in front of him, so be careful. Smough jumps into the air and slams his hammer in front of him. Try to bypass it or step back to avoid it. Ornstein throws lightning that deals devastating damage. This attack has a long cast time, so this is the perfect time to damage Ornstein or Smough. However, the lightning follows you, so be prepared to dodge it by quickly rolling to the side, or climb behind a pillar to block it. Smough will swing his hammer from side to side before hitting the ground. Try to stay behind him or out of range to avoid this. Ornstein pierces you with lightning. If you get too close, he will hit you with it and slam you into the ground. If you are out of range, he will strike the ground with lightning instead, so keep your distance. Smough will swing his hammer and slam the ground before changing direction and repeating the action. This is a rare attack, but very dangerous. Don’t try to block or block it. You can avoid damage by staying close to Smough where you can deal some damage yourself. Ornstein slides across the room towards you and stabs you. He will kneel in a jump stance as he prepares for it, so get ready to roll out of the way. If he accidentally hits an obstacle, he will continue to track you for his attack. Smough will throw his hammer at you and then rush towards you. If you get caught by this attack, you will take damage from the hammer, dash, and sometimes an additional hit from his hammer. This is an incredibly dangerous attack, so avoid it, stay behind the column. However, the last swing of the hammer could potentially break through the pillar. Smough will jump into the air and crash into the ground with his rear. Stay away to avoid taking damage from Smough landing on you or from the hammer in his hands. This attack has a long cooldown, giving you a chance to deal some damage.

The first phase of Ornstein and Smough’s fight is perhaps the easiest, despite having to face two enemies at the same time. In order to have as few problems as possible in this phase, circle around the columns or wait for them to separate and take them one by one. Ornstein is incredibly fast, so to deal with him, you need to make sure that you can roll quickly, otherwise it will be incredibly difficult to avoid his attacks. It’s also important to be able to sprint when Smough does his ground pound attack, as you want to avoid his punches at all costs.

Ranged attacks

Tip: Soul Spears and Dark Beads work very well against Ornstein and Smough, allowing them to deal damage while maintaining their distance.

Depending on the reward you are aiming for, you need to plan which of these bosses you will kill first/last. Choose wisely.

If you kill Ornstein first, you will get:

  • Soul of Smaug
  • 50,000 shower
  • Smough’s weapons and armor can be purchased from Donall of Xena.

If you kill Smough first, you will get:

  • Soul of Ornstein
  • 50,000 shower
  • Ornstein’s weapons and armor can be purchased from Donall of Xena.
  • Lion Ring

Attention: One more thing: after killing the first boss, the next phase begins – the remaining boss becomes much stronger and restores all his health.

The remaining boss will appear at the far end of the cathedral, so it’s best not to kill the first target there, otherwise a new, improved boss will appear on you.

Second phase: Super Ornstein

After Smough moves out of the way, Ornstein will gain energy and use some of Smough’s abilities.

In addition to his attacks from the first phase, there are a number of new moves worth looking into. It’s best to stay close to him, not only will this help you avoid damage from most attacks, but he won’t perform his “slide and slam” move from phase one until you’re too far away.

New attacks to look out for in this phase include Downward Strike, which if you hit it has a chance to deal even more damage as it will follow up with a second attack if your defenses are broken.

Super Ornstein will also swing his spear from side to side, and thanks to his height, this gives you the ability to pass under his feet and deal damage to him.

Watch out when he jumps into the air, as he swings his weapon in front of him in a wide radius and does a lot of damage if he hits you.

Tip: To avoid taking damage, stay under Ornstein at all times. This will help you avoid most of his attacks in the second phase.

Ornstein has a big AoE attack where he jumps into the air and then lands and creates a huge electrical current around him. When you see it, start jumping, running or rolling to the side, as the current does a lot of damage. If Ornstein lands on you, you will most likely be killed instantly.

Ornstein’s ultimate attack is a lightning strike, and this is the most unpredictable move, so watch out as he charges his spear and throws it at you. He’s incredibly hard to dodge, but try to roll to the side or under him while he charges his spear. If you get hit by this attack, you will take significant damage, as he will pierce you with his weapon, strike you with lightning, and then drop you to the floor. Ai. During this attack, he is immune to damage.

Tip: This fight is all about timing. Especially for lightning spears and ground slams.

After completing the fight, you will receive Ornstein’s Soul. It will allow you to create a Dragonslayer Spear, or you can eat it for 10,000 souls, or 8,000 souls if you feed it to Frampt. It will also toss up the Lion’s Ring, which increases counterattack damage on evasive attacks.

Second phase: Super Smog

If you decide to kill Ornstein first, then in the second phase you have to fight Super Smough.

He likes to use his lightning-charged hammer to squash you, but you can dodge this attack by rolling to one side. He also strikes with an electrified hammer in a large radius in any direction, similar to his attack in the first phase, so stay out of range.

Smough will jump into the air and slam his electrified hammer in front of him. To avoid taking damage from this attack, roll to the side or use the pillar as cover.

Smo’s electric shock is an incredibly dangerous move that he likes to use frequently. It jumps into the air and sucks in particles, creating static electricity, before falling to the ground. The range of this attack is large, so it’s best to run as far as possible. If you hit it, you will most likely get one hit.

Smough’s most dangerous attack is his new stomp charge, which is now electrified. This attack is hard to block, so it’s best to run away or hide behind a pillar.

The good news is that Smough can be stunned, so if you can do that with melee attacks, it gives you a great opportunity to deal some extra damage.

Warning: Since Smough has absorbed Ornstein’s soul, lightning no longer works – use fire.

After the fight is over, you will receive Soul of Smough, which will allow you to get Smough’s Hammer.

Note: To get Ornstein’s or Smough’s armor, head to Firelink’s shrine and talk to Domhnall of Xena, who will sell you the set you unlocked for 27,000 souls. Remember that you can only get the armor of the boss you killed last.

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