Odur in Thymesia: how to win

In Thymesia, Odur is the first real boss you have to fight and is one of the hardest first bosses in any game we’ve played lately. He’s incredibly fast, his moves deal devastating damage, and he’ll punish you severely if you don’t catch his moves. Fortunately, we dealt with it.

Overview of Odura

Odur is the first Thymesia boss found at the end of the Sea of ​​Trees. This is a lightning fast circus master who uses tricks, illusions, a fancy sword and strong punches to confuse and stun you. He is able to counter at any distance, plus he swings in two phases, which makes him even more difficult to defeat.

Odura attacks

Odur has two phases. The first phase is surprisingly easy once you get him in the noose, however the second phase is very brutal. You will have to master his tricks if you want to emerge victorious. His feature is fast and unpredictable movements with a variety of timings to throw you off balance.

First phase

These attacks are used only in the first phase, however, in the second phase, he will use variations of these attacks.

Throwing cards

Odur throws two cards imbued with magic at the player. Each card deals heavy damage.

  • Tip: Dodge diagonally towards Odur. This attack has a long warm-up and can be easily read.

Three hit combo

Odur will quickly swing his sword twice and then spin it slowly, ending with a devastating stabbing attack. On hitting the target, it will stun you.

  • Tip: This combo has a bit of a time limit, but it’s not all that difficult to dodge. The initial blows are not that destructive (compared to the stabbing), but the stabbing must be stopped. The attack has a very clean finish and the deflection time is quite generous. You can also try to dodge. The Long Dodge is very handy for this, as you can get out of the area with ease.


Odur will randomly reflect your attacks and counterattack. The first counterattack will cause him to teleport to the side and pause for a moment before charging forward at great speed and delivering two swift strikes.

  • Tip: This attack is incredibly easy to parry. When Odur teleports, just wait for him to lunge to the side, and then quickly parry two blows. This will open up Odur’s opportunity for a counter combo.


Sometimes Odur parries your attacks with a powerful kick. This strike deals massive damage and stuns the target on impact. You may notice that he is performing this attack, as immediately after the reflection he will spin in place and then pause briefly.

  • Tip: This attack is harder to parry than the Teleport Counter, but not by much. After deflecting, if he didn’t immediately teleport, he does this stance. Wait for it to stop spinning, wait a fraction of a second and then reflect. You have to catch it every time, and if you catch it, you will give him access to the combo.

Second phase

His second phase is much more difficult than the first. Many of his attacks have been extended and timed to trap you.

Throwing cards

Odur throws two cards imbued with magic at the player. Each card deals heavy damage.

  • Tip: Dodge diagonally towards Odur. This attack has a long warm-up and is easy to read. It is identical to his first phase attack.

card fan

Sometimes Odur throws a fan of cards instead of one card.

  • Tip: This attack can be dodged in the same way as a regular card throw, although the chance to hit is higher due to the nature of the fan.


This is Odur’s main attack in the second phase, and it is devastating. Odur disappears for a moment and then reappears next to you, after which he does a three-hit combo, pauses, and unleashes another three-hit combo that ends with a vicious knife stab.

  • Tip: The timing of this attack is very tight – especially the first hit. When you see Odur launching this attack, we advise you to dodge to avoid the first half of the attack and then move to parry the second half (which is much easier to catch). You can then respond with your own combo.


This attack is very similar to his counter in the first phase, however it now has a third slash that unfolds with a slight delay.

  • Tip: Countering this attack is just as easy as in the first phase, you just need to have time to deflect the third blow after a short pause. After that, you can counterattack with your own combo.

A series of blows

This is perhaps Odur’s strongest basic attack. Odur performs his spin kick in the first phase and then immediately performs a three-hit combo that ends with a strong stagger. This counterattack deals massive damage.

  • Tip: The parry time of the first hit is the same as in the first phase, but subsequent attacks are much harder to catch. The initial flurry requires a quick deflection as they exit quickly, while the final blow must be timed due to a slight pause. If successful, you can parry your own combo.

Critical Attack

Odur flashes green and then, after a short pause, unleashes a devastating downward strike that covers a large area in front of him.

  • Tip: Either drop the feather as soon as you see his sword hilt start to move down, or use Step Jump to cancel a critical attack and follow up with an air attack. DO NOT start a combo, as after a successful or unsuccessful critical attack, he will immediately start charging his ultimate attack.

Final attack

Odur flashes red and after a short pause, charges at the player. If it hits, it will trigger a scene in which Odur deals roughly 200 damage, plus another 100 damage after the scene ends. This will most likely kill you.

  • Tip: This attack cannot be dodged, dodged, blocked, or parried. However, it is always used after a critical attack, which makes it very easy to read. Once you interrupt Odur’s critical attack, cancel your lock on him and run away. Odur will miss. Wait for him to sheathe his sword, as this will cause an explosion, and then unleash a combo.

Featured Talents

There are only three talents that we recommend you have as a minimum. It:

short claw

Short Claw is a great talent that will allow you to burn off Odur’s health bar after you heal his wounds. This talent also increases your damage with a stacking attack buff. Not only that, it also heals you for around 10HP per hit. This can make the fight with Odur much easier.

Long dodge

Long dodge just gives you a second dodge. This additional dodge has a surprisingly long range and can be used to close the distance between you and Odur, or to simply run away.

step jump

This talent gives you great defense against Odur’s critical attack. He will interrupt his attack and open the way for him to free kick thanks to your various aerial feints. This is free damage, and it is well worth the money invested in it.

How to beat Odura

Odur is a difficult opponent. He will most likely kill you repeatedly and we would call him one of the hardest first bosses in any game – ever. However, he can be beaten, it just takes a little effort to recognize his demeanor and master the timing of the parry.

First phase

In the first phase, he is incredibly easy to fool. This is because you can lock him into an endless cycle of counterattacks. At the start of the fight, dodge towards him and attack, this will stun him and lead to a combo. Eventually he will deflect your attacks and launch one of his two counterattacks.

Parry his counterattacks (very easy to do once you get the timing right) and then do another combo. Repeat this until the phase ends.

Keep in mind that if Odur uses his counter, you will be knocked out of range for a retaliatory strike, so quickly dodge (one dodge is enough) and then start attacking. Also, when his white bar is completely depleted, don’t forget to switch to Short Claw to deal damage to his green health.

Second phase

The second phase is much more difficult because you can’t syronize over Odur. The advice we can give is to just learn his timing. Dodging is almost always the best course of action, and if you learn how to time it, it will be much easier for you to fight. However, we recommend dodging Odur’s teleport combo attacks, as the timing is very tight and his position can be unpredictable.

Attack him every chance you get, and when he counterattacks, deflect him and continue the combo. His counters are pretty easy to read, but very punishing if you get it wrong. His attacks are especially devastating, so try to dodge them if you’re not confident. Also, Odur doesn’t get stuck in a cycle of counters, eventually he breaks free and throws other punches.

When Odur deals a critical attack, parry it with Feather or Step Back, then run away. You don’t want to hook it with Ultimate Attack. Remember that this attack – even if missed – will still end in a devastating explosion, so keep your distance.

The same rules apply to damage. Use your saber to take away his white health and then work on his green health with Short Claw. It won’t take long, especially if you’ve upgraded your Short Claw, as you’ll get attack and healing buffs.

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