Octavian Militia Captain in V Rising: How to Find and Defeat

Octavian Militia Captain is a level 58 Blood Carrier in V Rising, defeating which rewards the winners with Mirror Strike, Anvil Structure Blueprint, and recipes for Dark Silver Bar, Dawnhorn Regalia, and Dark Silver Weapons. Mirror Strike is a ultimate ability that causes the caster to rush forward and dash between nearby enemies, dealing massive magic damage while weakening targets in V Rising. After the ability expires or is re-cast, the player can dash in the desired direction.

Militia Captain Octavian’s unlockable building in V Rising is an anvil, a device needed to create high-end weapons and armor. These powerful pieces of equipment include the Dawnhorn Regalia and Dark Silver Weapons, both of which require Dark Silver Ingots to craft. Therefore, as with the Quincy Bandit King, killing Octavian is necessary for vampires to level up their equipment points and weapon technology.

Where to find Octavian Militia Captain

Militia Captain Octavian can be found in DanlĂ­ Bastion, a DanlĂ­ Farm Landmark located directly south of the Church of the Damned. To defeat the militia captain in V Rising, Vardoran vampires are advised to use ranged spells, namely Sanguine Spiral and Chaos Wave. Chaos Wave will be a stable source of DPS in V Rising, and Sanguine Spiral can be used to heal a caster by dealing damage from afar. Veil of Frost is the dodge ability for this boss, or players can use Veil of Frost if they need extra healing. To further increase spell power, vampires are advised to consume the Scholar’s blood type before meeting Octavian.

How to defeat Octavian the militia captain

As with any V Blood Carrier, it will be incredibly useful for vampires to eliminate all hostile mobs in the vicinity before starting the fight. However, keep in mind that the boss arena is not protected from sunlight, so this boss should only be fought at night. In addition, it is extremely important for V Rising fans to understand how the boss mechanic of Octavian the Militia Captain works in V Rising in order to know how to deal with his unique attacks.

  • Lunge Throw: Octavian spins and lunges at his target, knocking them into the air behind him, causing a brief stun.
  • Whirlwind Strike: The militia captain delivers a slash that sends out four spinning swords in a cone shape. The further the player is from the boss, the easier it is to dodge projectiles.
  • Spinning Kick: Carrier performs an overhead kick, causing a vertically spinning blade to one side.
  • Archer Reinforcements: Octavian summons Archer Militia to fight alongside him. The number of archers he summons depends on the number of players fighting.
  • Militia Blades: Octavian spins and gallops around the room in a frenzy, aiming at the player in V Rising. At the same time, many
  • Whirlwind Strikes: Will fly around him in a “like hell” manner.

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