Night guide in Dying Light 2: rewards and activities

When the sun sets on the city of Willedore in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, things get a lot more deadly. If during the day most of the infected remain indoors or underground, then at night a much larger number of them roam the streets of the city. The Infected are much more volatile, and most of them will haunt the player until they are safe or dead. Fans of the first game in the series will be pleased with Dying Light 2’s familiar approach to nighttime, as well as a host of new additions that make exploring the city at night even more interesting.

Surviving the nighttime in Dying Light 2 is much easier than in the first game if players are intent on simply running across rooftops and racking up extra parkour points. However, the sequel offers a lot more nighttime activities than the first game, including exclusive nighttime missions, quarantine zones, dark zones, and boss fights in VGM anomalies. These quests offer some of the best loot and rewards in the game, and players get extra experience for surviving the night. Players will need to bring the right gear with them and beware of new Dying Light 2 monsters like the Howler, which will summon a horde of zombies if the player spots them.

As soon as the sun goes down, players will have to watch their immunity timers, a new mechanic in the night and dark zones of Dying Light 2. Since every player is infected, staying in the light is the only way to keep yourself from becoming transformed. If the player’s immunity timer reaches zero, they will convert and die. To survive in the dark, players will need to use new gadgets in Dying Light 2, such as consumable ultraviolet mushrooms or immunity boosters that extend immunity time in the dark.

Exclusive nighttime activities and rewards in Dying Light 2

Quarantine and dark zones

The Quarantine and Dark Zones are located throughout the Dying Light 2 map and contain some of the best items the game has to offer. These zones can be entered during the day, but it is almost impossible to survive in them due to the large number of infected. Players will have to wait until night to clear these areas, but once that happens, they can reap the rewards. Dark Zones are smaller, easier to navigate, and usually contain rare crafting materials and weapons. Quaternary zones are much larger and contain upgrade inhibitors, rare equipment, and rare weapons.

VGM anomalies

HPV Anomalies is another exclusive nighttime entertainment where players will have to fight special infected bosses. These zones have a lot of rare loot scattered around the boss fight arenas. These fights can be challenging on your own, so it’s always worth bringing friends in using Dying Light 2’s seamless co-op mode. During boss fights, players won’t have to worry about other infected, as the anomalies are usually locked into the arena they fight in.

Nighttime can get chaotic in Dying Light 2, but traveling at night can be the best way to get the most powerful gear and materials in the game. If players are being chased by a horde of zombies, they can always run to the nearest UV light or shelter to survive the night. However, be careful not to die during the night, as this will result in the loss of all experience bonuses gained by the player during that time.

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