new TOP Build “Generator” in Diablo III 2.6.8 patch

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In this article, we will look at the new Barbarian build in Diablo 3, which appeared in version 2.6.8. It is built around the use of Frenzy, which the developers have increased and a completely new set of “Ninety Furious”.

We will tell you everything about the Barbarian “Generator” build in patch 2.6.8 and look at the main aspects of the game: equipment, abilities, stones, etc.

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To try out the new gameplay, we first put on all 6 items from the Ninety Furious set, namely:

  • Skull of the Furious Helm
  • Boots “Heel of the Furious”
  • Ridges of the Furious Shoulders
  • “Marks of the Furious” Chestpiece
  • Claws of the Furious Gloves
  • Leggings of the Furious Pants

With this, we will take all 3 bonuses from the set: the first one will give doubled scream time and buff damage to frightened opponents, the second bonus will reduce the damage received by the Barbarian for each stack of “Madness”, and with the third bonus we will strengthen this very “Madness” for each charge.

We will also need the Recognized Hero belt. Taking it, we will get all the bonuses from the “Rage” and increase its damage.

We will need another set of “endless hike“. It consists of a ring and an amulet:

  • Ring: Wind rose
  • Amulet: Mark of the Wanderer

While we stand still, we inflict more damage, and this is how we will attack. When moving through the portal, incoming damage is reduced and increases our survivability.

As a bracer, we use “Mortic’s Bindings” to launch all the runes from the Wrath of the Berserker.


We use the Oathkeeper in one hand, while increasing the damage and attack speed of our generator skills.

But as a second weapon, there are many options, and you can choose from the following options:

The only difference is what type of damage you will roll in items.

Ring: A collection of elements to increase the damage of certain magics once per phase.

Gems: We suggest using Curse of the Captive, Curse of the Afflicted, and the Power of Simplicity.

Cube tick

In the cube we have:

  • Ring: Ring of Power – Reduces incoming damage when using Stomp
  • Armor: Pants “Conquerors of the underground depths”, increasing damage
  • Weapon: Honor of the Bastion – thanks to it, we not only increase our damage, but also get a zone of destruction.


Since we will deal the main damage from “Frenzy”, it is necessary to increase the damage from this ability on the belt and pants. As for the elements, it all depends on the weapon you use. With what element you use – this and rolle.

Also, we will really need attack speed, so pick it up where possible. KDR will also not be superfluous.


Now let’s deal with the skills in the barbarian generator build. Let’s start with passives:

Active skills:

With shouts we will strengthen our attack and defense, Berserker’s Wrath also strengthens us. Stomp will allow you to pull opponents and launch the Power Ring from Kanai’s Cube. We deal the main damage with Frenzy, and due to the equipment, all the runes in it are already active.

This concludes the analysis of the new build for the Barbarian in patch 2.6.8

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