Necromancer Harris in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Necromancer Garris, a sword-wielding boss who rides a snail made from a skull as support, serves as more of a hostile NPC than a boss, but make no mistake, he hits hard. Here is a detailed description of how to quickly and effectively defeat the Necromancer Harris.

Necromancer Harris Review

  • Location: Sage’s Cave, Altus Plateau
  • Required: No
  • Invocations: Spirits
  • Drops: Family Heads
  • Weakness: Physical attacks, bleeding, fire

Located in the western part of the Altus Plateau in the Cave of the Sage, the closest Place of Grace – not the one inside the cave – is the Boiling River Place of Grace. Interestingly, there are two bosses in the Sage’s Cave – the Necromancer Harris and the Black Knife Killer. You will find Harris behind a hidden wall and through a misty wall.

In the case of this boss, the summoning of spirits is available, but other players, unfortunately, cannot help. Although Garris is called a necromancer, he mainly fights in close combat with his hammer, and is supported by a wheeled snail skeleton that rolls around and deals damage. In this fight, using a heavy weapon (such as a greatsword) is very effective against Harris and will easily stun him. It is also recommended to arm yourself with a weapon that can cause bleeding, which will help you end the fight much faster.

Harris Necromancer Attacks

Necromancer Harris, as already mentioned, will mainly attack you with his hammer. He is assisted by his skeletal snail lackey, but is very easily defeated despite his annoying presence. Without further ado, here is Harris’ complete repertoire of attacks.

A swing attack

A basic swing attack that Harris performs most of the time. But, unlike most strikes, it does not cause bleeding damage.

  • Tip: Cooldown or add Opaline Bubbletear to your Wondrous Physick before the fight for extra protection.

Skull projectile attack

Garris’ spear begins spewing death magic, sending out skull projectiles that can deal serious damage.

  • Tip: You can’t block this attack, so just roll in the opposite direction or dash away.

Summon Skeletons

In this attack, Harris strikes the ground with his hammer, causing overtone-like skeletons to emerge from the ground and strike from above.

  • Tip: As soon as Harris slams his weapon, as soon as the skeleton appears, instantly jump up and weave.

Skeleton Snail’s Rolling Attack

Harris’ skeletal snail will make a roll attack and lunge at you.

  • Tip: Immediately dodge in the opposite direction and remember to keep an eye on Harris.

Skeletal snail bite attack

In addition to the rolling attack, the skeletal snail also leans forward to bite.

  • Tip: Just roll back. Use the call of the spirits to keep Harris busy, or vice versa.

Skeleton Snail Deadly Magic Attack

Harris isn’t the only one who can deal death magic attacks, as the skeletal snail can sometimes deal single death magic attacks against the skull.

  • Tip: Roll in the opposite direction, but watch out for Harris’s attacks.

How to defeat Necromancer Harris

There are two different combat strategies that can help you defeat Harris and his army of skeleton snails. If you don’t have enough upgraded weapons, or if you haven’t leveled up your stats and spirits, then you can be overpowered in this fight.

As mentioned, melee players can find heavy weapons with a bleed effect that will do the job just fine. As for casters, use sorcery or spells that deal physical or fire damage.

Close combat strategy

For a melee strategy, it is recommended to arm yourself with a heavy weapon such as a greatsword, as Garris the Necromancer is very easy to stagger as his defensive abilities are very low. Since Garris has some support in the form of skeleton snails that he summons throughout the fight, it doesn’t hurt to summon spirits like Luthel the Headless or Kaiden’s Mercenary upgraded to at least +4 as they are pretty tanky.

If your weapon does not have a bleeding passive, you can equip battle ash that deals bleeding damage, such as Seppuku or Blood Strike. Moon Veil’s Fleeting Moonlight skill is very effective against Harris, so prepare an extra Flask of Azure Tear to recharge. It also doesn’t hurt to use an Opal Tear in a bubble, as you need to get close to deal damage.

Ranged strategy

For ranged fighters, using any spell that deals physical damage is a plus. It is also recommended to use fire-type spells if you lack the former. For example, Arcane spells like Night’s Comet, Greater Shiny Stone Shard, or Seething Magma are recommended as they deal real damage to Harris.

In order not to be stunned, it is recommended to call on the spirits. You can use the same ones recommended for melee fighters, but lone wolves will also work well.

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