MLB The Show 22 Shooting Guide

If someone asks about the most difficult part of MLB The Show 22, most of the community will answer that throwing the ball is very hard. It’s hard enough to get to the ball, but getting it on time and exactly where you want it is another level.

Luckily, there are several settings that can change this process. Experts disagree on which one is best for the team, but no consensus is needed. Everyone who plays MLB The Show 22 will find their home with one of these settings by trying out each one.

Throw setting guide

Button press accuracy

  • Recommended for elite players who are masters of timing.

When using Button Accuracy, after the ball is hit and before the player throws the ball, a counter will appear above the fielder’s head. The player will need to hold down the desired base to throw, and then release the button when the black bar is in the green zone. The yellow zone is largely decorative; a small shift will result in a misplaced throw.

The biggest advantage is that, in theory, players will never miss a shot if their timing is good enough. Bad outfield players have a smaller green zone, but gamers who know how to shoot in the center do not care. The disadvantage is that this is a very complex system, the counter does not always appear at the same time, and the scale flies by in the blink of an eye. If it’s too difficult, don’t change the position, change the settings.


  • Recommended for intermediate gamers and players with high playing skills on the field.

The buttons are a simple setting; press the corresponding button and the player, having collected the ball, will throw it at that place. It’s a solid choice for those who need to cut down on mistakes and get a call from an MLB club.

This may seem so simple that it’s tempting to let the AI ​​throw, but be aware that the AI ​​sometimes makes confusing decisions about where to throw the ball. Aggressive players can interrupt the run at the plate, while the AI ​​almost always plays too safe.

Pure analogue

  • Recommended for gamers who hate buttons and love to live on the edge.

Pure analog input is a stark contrast to buttons, as buttons never miss, and sticks can require sophistication. However, some players may have broken controllers and cannot functionally press a certain button. In such cases, the buttons can be replaced with sticks.

The concept is identical to the button layout. Swipe the stick in the direction of the base before the ball arrives there. This may not be very convenient, as the second baseman throwing the ball to the right for a double play will need to flick the stick up instead of to the right, but those who enjoy this kind of challenge may find it enjoyable.

Automatic throw

  • Recommended for beginners and those with staffed teams.

The auto-throw mode is attractive to the few veterans of the series. With a complete team, the probability of making a control error is higher than when using the auto-throw mode. Please note that some outfield players have a 99% shooting accuracy. If players are wrong more than 1% of the time, an auto roll will come to the rescue.

Some players will just make one or two mistakes in every match and let field players shoot where the AI ​​wants. For those new to baseball and games in general, it might be worth watching a few games before guiding the action.

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