Mita, the Ruinous Queen in Dark Souls 2: How to Defeat

In Dark Souls 2, Meeta, the Bane Queen is a decapitated lamia/naga queen, holding her own head in one hand and a spear in the other. She fights in a pool of poison that constantly damages the player and heals her.

Overview of Mita, the Ruinous Queen

Mita is a Medusa whose main tactic is to constantly poison you. Compared to many of the enemies you’ll face in Dark Souls 2, she’s relatively simple. However, if you let the poison take over you, you will be in trouble.

The queen is at the end of Clay Peaks and her boss room is filled with poison that will permanently affect you. However, this poison can mostly be removed by exploring Clay Peaks.

Once the poison is removed, her attacks are fairly simple, slow, and easy to dodge or block. She has several long-range moves that are very weakly tracked and can therefore be dodged.

In order to completely simplify this fight, you can use pyromancy or call an NPC located outside the boss room.

Attacks of Mita, the Ruinous Queen

Head toss

  • Description: Mypha will throw her decapitated head at you, causing an explosion. Then she’ll move quickly to take her head
  • Tip: This strike is pretty hard to dodge due to its long range. The best solution is to burn the poison in the room so you can run away from the attack

Grab attack

  • Description: This attack deals a powerful blow. If you are standing behind her, she will use her tail to pinch you.
  • Tip: Don’t stand behind her for too long, as this will trigger an attack. If it worked, you can avoid it

Tail swing

  • Description: Using her tail, she will swing at you
  • Tip: Just roll over or block

spear attacks

  • Description: Mytha has three spear attacks: spin, strike, and slash. All of them are relatively slow and do not have high accuracy.
  • Tip: All of these attacks can be landed or blocked.

magic flow

  • Description: Appears at least once in every encounter, usually at the start of a fight, she fires a long beam of magic from her head
  • Tip: It can be dodged by running straight to the left of the attack

How to remove poison

The main thing you need to do before the fight even starts is to remove the poison in the boss room.

To do this, you must first defeat the Demon-Victim, then go further from the fire until you see a switch on the wall, and pull it.

Continue to move along the corridors, facing difficult enemies. Eventually, you will come to a windmill outside, here you can use a torch to set it on fire.

This step is very important, it will make the boss fight much easier.

How to Defeat Mita, the Ruinous Queen

There are two approaches here: use a poison/strike weapon or use pyromancy.

By clearing the room of poison, you will have a lot of room to maneuver. Her attacks are slow and can be blocked or easily bypassed.

Using an impact-type weapon, you can quickly deal massive damage to her. It’s important to avoid her grab attacks, as that’s where she does the most damage.

In contrast, Myfa is surprisingly weak to fire damage. Using pyromancy almost negates this fight. It can be made even simpler by summoning an NPC found outside the boss room, Jester Thomas. He uses pyromancy and therefore will easily destroy Mifa.

Key Tips

  • Remove the effect of poison
  • Don’t stand behind her
  • Use pyromancy
  • Call Jester Thomas

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