Minna in Vampire Survivors: how to open

In Vampire Survivors, Minna is a new secret playable character that was added in patch 0.7.2. To unlock Minna, players must complete the Lunar Eclipse event and collect the Yellow Sign Relic, which will help discover hidden items in the stages. Players should also prepare for battle as they will have to defeat a lot of enemies before they can unlock a new character.

How to unlock Minna in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock Minna, players must first attempt to unlock the Frenzied Groove arcana, although this is not a requirement. To get started, players must start the Vampire Survivors Dairy Stage with Arcana active. Once players are in the dairy, they must choose Raging Groove VIII as their first Arcana. Players should find that a Cheese Wheel has spawned to the southwest of their starting position. Players should immediately collect the cheese and be ready for an onslaught of seven werewolf enemies. Players will need to defeat all seven enemies and will receive a notification that Minna has been successfully unlocked.

If players choose to unlock Minna without the Arcana, they can do so, though this method is more difficult without using the Frenzied Groove Arcana or other forms of magic in Vampire Survivors. Players will still have to find and collect the Cheese Wheel in the Dairy Stage. Please note that players will not be able to find the wheel of cheese using the yellow sign, which usually alerts players to hidden items in the stages. Once players have loaded into the Dairy, they must open their map and look for the floor chicken symbol, which actually locates the hidden Cheese Wheel. If players are having trouble finding a secret item, they should look to the west of the Armor passive item. Once players have the Cheese Wheel, they will need to defeat seven werewolf enemies to unlock Minna.

Once players unlock Minna, they will receive a character weapon, the Blood Tear. Blood Tear is the evolution of the weapon and it can deal critical hits that double the damage dealt and also restore 8 health. This weapon is especially effective when combined with the Sarabande of Healing or the Scythe Arcana. The Sarabande of Healing doubles the player’s healing, giving them 16 health per critical hit. In addition, the Arcane Arcana increases the player’s overall critical damage.

As a character, Minna has 50 extra health for a total of 150 health, and increased health regeneration at a rate of 0.5. It should be noted that Minna has a disadvantage of -70% strength, but this can be compensated by using Power and the Power passive item, which can be found as loot on the floor or in the Level Up selection options. In addition, Minna’s passive ability, as a secret character in Vampire Survivors, allows the character to change her strength, projectile speed, duration, area, and duration once per minute. Players should expect Mine damage to increase by around 70% once the character reaches level 25. In the meantime, players can adjust Minna’s stats with bonuses or passive items.

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