Meteor Staff in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, the Meteorite Staff is a staff that increases intelligence, requiring only 18 Intelligence for the stat. In addition, the staff enhances gravity-type spellcasting. The only downside to the Meteor Staff is that it cannot be enhanced or upgraded in any way, while the Astrologer’s Staff can.

The meteor staff is located in the Kaelid region, east of the Graveyard. More precisely, players can find it in the Ruins of the Sage. However, these ruins in Kaelid can seem like a rather difficult place, especially for beginners. Luckily, a special route in the starting region allows players to get to the staff’s location unscathed. However, there are a few encounters along the way. Therefore, in order to avoid life-threatening encounters, players are strongly advised to unlock The Flow first before embarking on this journey.

Starting at the Place of Grace at the First Step, head west to the vast swamp in the Graveyard. Keep driving until you reach the ruins burned by the dragon. Look for the entrance that leads to the underground crypt in Elden Ring. Another ladder can be found nearby, but the one players should be looking for is guarded by several enemy mobs.

Where to find meteor staff in Elden Ring

If Elden Ring players want to deal with a group of enemies at the entrance to the crypt, zombified enemies will not pose much of a threat. However, two rabid dogs can be a problem due to their fast attacks. Climb down the stairs carefully, as giant rats are waiting for you below. By dodging or fighting enemies, the player will reach a treasure chest at the bottom of the descending tunnel. Open it to teleport to Caelid.

When the player wakes up, they will find themselves inside a crystal cavern filled with enemies in Elden Ring. Wait a few seconds for a patrol to pass by, then make your way down the path until you reach Grace’s Place, Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel. Turn left and exit the dungeon in Caelida. Using the Stream, jump along the left bank. Ignoring the mobs, drive southwest through the Ruins of the Sage until you reach a small staircase. Climb the stairs and go around the edge of the building to avoid the poisonous plants inside. Finally, players can pick up the Meteor Staff from the corpse hanging on the windowsill.

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