maximum level, bonuses and how it works

The Paragon level starts after the character reaches level 60 in Diablo Immortal. There are bonuses for leveling up, but a large amount of experience is required to reach new levels. Full character development will take a long time, especially if players don’t purchase upgrade materials or rift crosses through microtransactions. Looting Paragon levels can seem tedious, but there are plenty of side quests in the game that can keep you interested in passive leveling.

The Paragon system in the latest installment of the series is much more complex and rewarding than the previous version of the feature that appeared in Diablo 3. After reaching level 60, the experience bar will change from yellow to green and players will start earning Paragon Points that can be spent on new skills. and improvements to Diablo Immortal. There are six Paragon Trees to spend points on, but only two are unlocked at first. Two of them open at level 50, and the last two become available after level 150. The level cap is currently 600, but more Paragon trees and skills will likely be added later.

A large amount of experience is required to reach new levels of Paragon, but there are bonuses that can help. Each server has a world level of Paragon, which increases by two points every day. Players who are below Paragon’s world level get double experience. Players equal to Paragon’s world level will receive standard experience, while those four points higher will receive only half experience from actions. If you click on the experience bar on the inventory screen, you can find out if the character is below or above the level of the world Paragon in Diablo Immortal.

How to level up Paragon and use points in Diablo Immortal

There are several daily activities that will help you quickly gain experience. Completing quests, raids, Bestiary pages, and rank up in the Battle Pass will help you earn Paragon Points. In addition, players belonging to the Immortal or Shadow faction can complete exclusive quests. Participation in events gives experience and increases the rank of the clan in Diablo Immortal. No matter what methods are used, polishing is necessary to increase the level of Paragon.

Only one Paragon tree can be active at a time, and points can be spent on specialization skills or permanent attributes. Specialization skills only apply while the tree is active, while permanent attributes are permanent upgrades that apply no matter what set is currently selected. Permanent attributes are round, while specialization skills in Diablo Immortal are displayed in square cells. Players should spend some time researching the available Paragon Tree skills and planning in order to spend points efficiently and unlock the best skills for their build.

Paragon Points can be reset once every seven days, with the timer depending on when the feature is used rather than on a specific day or time. To reset points, players can go to the menu, select the “Paragon” page, then click on the small box in the upper right corner next to where the available points are displayed. As new skills are unlocked and characters reach higher levels, players will be able to increase the difficulty and experience earned in Diablo Immortal.

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