Manifestation of the Tree of Erd and Putrid Manifestation in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, you will encounter several Erdtree Avatars and Putrid Avatars. These are the overworld bosses that guard most of the Manifestations of the Tree of Erd in the Interearth, and they have devastating attacks. Here is our guide to help you defeat the Manifestation of the Tree of Erd and the Putrid Manifestation.

How to defeat the Manifestation of the Tree of Erd and the Putrid Manifestation

Except in a few places, the Manifestation of the Tree of Erd in Elden Ring is always guarded by either the Tree of Erd or the Blight (i.e. the one in the Starry Wastes). As a rule, they have similar abilities:

  • Melee: They attack with their staves or blades, often killing the Flux if you’re mounted. For the Putrid Incarnation, as far as I know, melee is a one-hit kill even at 800+ health.
  • Blades of Light: Periodically, they cast a spell that spawns multiple holy projectiles aimed at your location. If you hit one of them, you will most likely take damage from all the others flying in your direction, thanks to the animation. It is also possible for bosses to cast two such spells in a row.

So, how do you defeat the Manifestation of the Tree of Erd and the Putrid Manifestation in Elden Ring? Well, as with the other bosses, we’ll just be meat. Make sure you find a ranged weapon and have a supply of arrows/bolts.

Basically, you will need to sit on Potok and get a bow. If the boss is further away, just activate the block and keep shooting. If they attack you, disable the block and run away.

What if they use Blades of Light? This is where it gets fun. This is because the speed of the projectiles flying towards you is actually slower than the lateral movement of the Flux. Therefore, if you see a throw animation, activate the block and then continue to fire at the boss while moving in your direction.

As seen in the image below, during the throw animation, you can fire half a dozen arrows. Just remember to disengage and run away, because the boss will usually lunge in melee soon after.

By defeating the Incarnation of the Tree of Erd and the Putrid Incarnation, you can get Tears, which are used to mix the Flask with the miraculous potion. This type of potion allows you to combine various effects, such as increased stamina and composure or health regeneration, with spells that do not cost mana.

Note: There are two other types of overworld bosses that guard the Tree of Erd, such as those in the Gelmir Mountains and the Altus Plateau. These are the Putrid Tree Spirit in the Catacombs of the Dead Warriors and the Wormface, which we talk about in separate guides.

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