Maliket, the Black Blade in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Maliketh, The Black Blade is an incredibly formidable opponent and one of the few mandatory bosses in the game that can be encountered at the end of the game in Farum Azul. While Maliket is definitely one of the hardest bosses in the game, he is not insurmountable.

Maliket’s attacks are relentless, fast-paced and devastating, leaving you with little to no time to react or control yourself, and that’s just a small part of what makes it so challenging. However, we are confident that with patience, understanding of the mechanics, and solid strategy, you will prevail when all is said and done. After all, you’ve already come this far.

Overview of Maliket

  • Location: Farum Azula
  • Required: Yes
  • Summons: Players and Spirit Dust
  • Drop: 220,000 Runes, Memories of the Black Blade
  • Weakness: ???

At the end of Azula’s Farum is the legendary boss, Maliket, the Black Blade. This encounter is optional and must be completed in order to progress through the story. Since the battle takes place at the very end of your journey, it will be incredibly difficult, so we recommend that you be at least level 90-95 before even thinking about fighting him.

After defeating Maliket, the Ebon Blade will receive 220,000 Runes and Memories of the Ebon Blade, which you can exchange with Enya at the Round Table Fortress. In addition, you will gain access to the last boss in the game, which is located in Leindell, Ash’s capital.

Maliketa attacks

Maliket, the black blade, has a wide range of attacks that deal heavy hits that are difficult to react to, and can even stalk you at long range if you’re not careful. If you hate AoE attacks, ranged attacks, or sporadically moving enemies, you will find it excruciatingly difficult to counter Maliket.

This encounter consists of two phases, the first of which the boss is called Priest Beast, and then turns into Maliket when you reduce his health to half. Both phases are relentless and require concentration and near-perfect execution to win.

Phase 1 – Beast Priest

Stone hit

The beast confessor takes his left hand and drags it across the floor of the arena, collecting rocks as he does so. Then, right after, the spirit beast throws rocks at you with great force, dealing significant damage if they hit you.

  • Tip: Time your throws and dodge left or right before the rocks reach you. Alternatively, you can hide behind one of the many pillars/piles of rubble.

boulder toss

As with the Stone Throw attack, the boss will swipe his left hand across the floor of the arena, after which he will have a large boulder in his palm, which he will immediately throw at you.

  • Tip: Perfectly dodge left or right as the boulder approaches you. You can also hide behind one of the many pillars located throughout the arena.

Strikes of fury

The Beast Priest wields a sword in his right hand and unleashes a series of furious blows. A series of attacks can consist of two to five hits, which forces you to be alert with every hit.

  • Tip: Dodge back and keep rolling away from the boss to create distance. Getting hit by this attack can be fatal for many players, so it’s better to just avoid it at all costs than risk it.

Beast Strike

Beast Strike holds the sword in its mouth and then slams its hands into the ground, causing the ground beneath it to begin to crack. After a while, boulders will start to fly out of the cracks, causing significant damage.

  • Tip: When you see the Beast Priest put his sword in his mouth, run away from him, creating as much distance as possible. Watch out for cracks in the ground to avoid boulders.

Beast Claw

The beast raises its left hand high in the air, visible lines coming from its claws, then slams its hand on the ground and strikes quickly, sending shockwaves at the player. The shockwaves are ferocious and swift, and will pass through any obstacle.

  • Tip: Time your throws and dodge left or right before the shockwave hits you.

Phase 2 – Maliket, the Black Blade

vertical waves

Maliket will vertically jump into the air and then shoot red waves at you with his sword. There can be anywhere from one to three waves in this attack, with the three-wave combo always landing next to you, with a quick strike shortly after.

  • Tip: Roll left or right as soon as you see the red wave from Maliket’s sword. If he does a 3-wave combo, you can parry his attack at the end with Blasphemer’s Claw. Otherwise, just dodge the series of attacks, and when it ends, respond with your own.

Deadly boulders

Maliket plunges his sword into the ground, then presses it deep into the ground, pressing down on it with all his limbs, causing debris covered in Death’s disease to emerge from the cracks in the floor. When he pulls the sword out of the ground, an explosion will follow, so be prepared for it.

  • Tip: Create distance every time you see Maliket sticking his sword into the ground. Being hit by this attack is bad news and will most likely result in death.

Waves on the ground

Maliket slams into the ground and sends waves across the floor that can instantly kill you if you’re low on health. What’s more, with this attack, Maliket will often try to bait you by slamming into the ground and then jumping high into the air before coming back at you with a real attack.

  • Tip: It’s pretty hard to figure out which attack option you’ll get because of the pretense. Our advice is never dodge until the last moment and always roll left or right. Casting too early or too late can be your end, and if you take the bait, it will only make matters worse.

How to defeat Maliket

With Maliket’s fast and unpredictable attacks, he will be a real challenge for both ranged and melee heroes. His attacks hit like a freight train and can even instantly kill you. Worst of all, some of these attacks can appear out of nowhere in the blink of an eye. However, it can be defeated if you approach this matter correctly.

Hand-to-hand combat strategy

During the first phase of the encounter – when he is the Spiritual Beast – the best strategy is to stay near one of the many pillars located throughout the arena. The pillar will block many of the spirit beast’s attacks, allowing you to land many hits without too much risk. Just keep circling the pillar counter-clockwise and call in an attack that will cause the Beast Priest to drag his weapon across the floor of the arena from left to right. Counter this attack with a jump kick and then repeat this process until you’ve reduced his health to half.

Just like in the first phase, in the second phase you will also want to use the pillars to your advantage, but in a slightly different way. Instead of circling around the pillars, use them to block Maliket’s many aerial stab attacks and then move out from behind them as he lands. You can land a few hits before he telegraphs his next move, and then you can determine your next move. As a rule, pillars can block almost all attacks in this phase, and we recommend taking advantage of this fact. Only strike when you know you are not in danger. It can take a long time to defeat him this way, but using the arena to your advantage is the best way to emerge victorious.

Shooting strategy

At the first stage of the meeting, try to keep a distance between yourself and the boss. He has several melee attacks that are deadly for those who operate from a distance, so if you let him get too close to you, it will be a nightmare. In this phase, we recommend using quick spells like Destruction Stars, which deal a lot of damage, allowing you to knock them back and re-form. Keep an eye on the few ranged attacks we detailed above and you’ll be fine!

For those who use ranged attacks, the second phase will be astronomically more difficult. While we recommend that you still use fast casting spells that deal a lot of damage, we don’t recommend staying too far away from it. Instead, get a little closer and use the pillars to your advantage so they absorb all of his air strikes and projectiles. Then, when he lands on the ground, create a safe distance between him and you and throw your punches. This method will take a little longer, but is the safest in the long run. You shouldn’t be out in the open during this phase, as he has too many attacks that can hit you in one hit, and he’s too strong in more open spaces.

General Tips

  • Reach level 90-95 or higher;
  • Use the arena pillars to your advantage;
  • Ranged fighters should use fast spells that deal strong hits;
  • Be patient and watch out for his delayed attacks. He has quite a few;
  • Never attack in an open area. Maliket thrives in open spaces.

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