Magic sphere in Tunic: where to find

The Magic Orb is a tool in Tunic that is used to capture enemies and environmental objects in order to get to new areas of the map. For example, players will need a Magic Orb to cross the Ruined Atoll and activate the statue’s teleporter in the center to get to the Great Library, where the Green Gem is located. Keep in mind that using an Orb item in Tunic to grab through terrain doesn’t cost MP, but using the ability on an enemy will cost mana.

The location of the magic orb in Tunic is the Frog Domain, a dungeon infested with hostile amphibians. To get to this area, adventurers must travel to the northeast corner of the Ruined Atoll and climb a ladder to enter a hidden cave. Starting from the checkpoint brazier, go down the stairs to the right and cross the rune bridge. Once on the island, go under the overpass and past the treasure chest towards the ravine. The camera will change the angle of view and show the stairs leading to the entrance to the Frog Domain.

After entering a small grotto, destroy the elite frog with a spear guarding the entrance to the dungeon. After descending a series of stairs and flights of stairs, the next location down will be the Frog’s Domain. Don’t forget to activate the checkpoint in Tunic on the right before heading further into the caves in search of the magical orb.

Where to find the Magic Orb in Tunic

The first zone of the Frog Domain has several frogs sitting in a green pool in the center of the room. These enemies can be fought or ignored while players walk through the doorway on the left. The next corridor has an assassin-style elite enemy patrolling the corridor. Use the statues in the area as cover to avoid attacks. The next area is a large room with several elite and regular enemy mobs. If players are careful, they will be able to bypass most of the enemies by facing away from the main character. Here the goal in Tunic is to activate the lever on the right side of the room to raise the gate.

Next will be a giant gilded vault. To get to the Magic Orb, enter the hole in the ruined wall on the right. There will be one frog in this room with several combustible squid-like enemies. It is recommended to kill one of them to cause an explosive reaction in the rest of the mobs. After climbing the stairs to the next area, lower the small drawbridge to quickly return to the checkpoint. Finally, defeat all frog cultists nearby to get a magic orb.

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