Luminous Stone Adjuvant in Genshin Impact: how to get and upgrade

In Genshin Impact, Luminous Stone Adjuvant is a new tool for researching the Rift, and its upgrade is incredibly useful in the Ruin Serpent boss fight. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Luminous Stone Adjuvant – and how to upgrade your gadget after you get it.

How to get Luminous Stone Adjuvant

In order to obtain the Lightbringer Stone Adjuvant in Genshin Impact, players first need to unlock the Rift and complete the quests that are the first two parts of the world quest Records of a Journey Deep into the Rift. After that, the quest “Breaking Spellcasters” will become available. This will trigger a quick cutscene with nearby NPCs, after which players can touch the Lightbringer Crystal to receive the Lightbringer Stone Adjuvant gadget.

The Luminous Stone Adjuvant in Genshin Impact can be equipped in the inventory menu, and players will be able to use it to better see in the dark areas of the underground mines. Players can use the Luminous Stone Adjuvant for a variety of useful purposes in the Rift, such as recharging Luminous Lamps and chests, but it drains the gadget over time. Also, encountering Oozing Nodules (purple mud scattered in underground mines) can cause the Adjuvant’s energy to be depleted more quickly.

How to recharge Luminous Stone Adjuvant

If the Lightbringer Stone Adjuvant runs out of energy in Genshin Impact, players can recharge the device in several ways. To charge the Adjuvant, players can approach glow lamps, catch Fortune Flies, destroy stones with a faint blue glow, or collect glow sparks. The Luminous Stone Adjuvant is vital to researching the Breach in Genshin Impact, so players will need to use it frequently, and thus charge it frequently. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, so once you learn the technique, this will never be a problem.

How to Upgrade Luminous Stone Adjuvant

The Lightbringer Adjuvant upgrade in Genshin Impact is just as important, as it gives players various rewards and is useful for defeating the Ruin Wyrm. To upgrade the Adjuvant, players need to collect Lightsparks and give them to Ji Wu. Luckily, it’s easy to teleport straight to Ji-woo from the map. Upgrading the Adjuvant will also increase its ability to store energy, which means it can last longer. This is important for exploring Underground Mines in Genshin Impact, and also makes it easier to expel seeping stones during the Ruin Serpent fight.

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