Luminous Ore in Genshin Impact: where to find

In Genshin Impact, Lightbringer Ore is a precious item that can be found in the Rift. In underground mines, you can find up to three places with this ore.

Where to find Luminous Ore

In order to find all three Luminous Ores, players must complete the “Records of a Journey Deep into the Rift” part of the world quest series. It has six parts in total, and it will unlock the Underground Mines map. Players are encouraged to collect the nearby Lightbringer Ore, as they will need it later.

Luminous Ore is needed to upgrade the Adjuvant, as it is needed to reach levels 2, 6, and 8. Tier 8 is especially useful when exploring the Rift, as it allows players to search nearby for a Luminous Crystal. It functions similarly to the Resonance Stones when searching for Anemoculus, Geoculus, and Electrocule in Genshin Impact. A range will be set for nearby Lightbringer Crystals so that players can accurately determine when they get closer.

Quest “The beginning of the study of the depths”

The first Luminous Ore in Genshin Impact is awarded for completing the third part of the quest “Records of a Journey Deep into the Rift: Beginning to Explore the Deep”. Upon entering the Underground Rift Mines for the first time, players will be prompted to explore a Lightbringer Crystal near the camp. After talking to Zhi Qiong again, she will give the players Lumenspar Ore. It will be automatically added to inventory.

Stone halls

In order to find the second Lightbringer Ore, players must complete the fourth part of the Breach quest, Floating Skystone Fragment. This quest activates a mechanism in the Stone Halls and on part of the map. Players can start from a teleport point northeast of the Stone Halls and slide down to an opening in the rock structures. Luminous Ore will be found right in front of the entrance to the cave.

Camp Fatui

The third and final Luminous Ore can be found camping in the tunnel located west of the Luminous Pass – not far from where players can find the Mushroom Star in Genshin Impact. To get into the tunnel, players must use the “Key to the Stone Chamber”, which can be obtained for completing the fifth part of the Rift quest – “A Threat in the Dark”. Once the tunnel is open, players will be able to find the abandoned Fatui Camp. Luminous ore will lie next to the books. Once all three ores are obtained, players will be able to upgrade the Adjuvant to make it easier to explore the Rift.

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