Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game: how to open

Lord Arthur is one of the playable Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game that can be unlocked by completing the Homecoming King mission, the fifth story in the single-player campaign. Naturally, this means that players will have to complete all of the missions leading up to Prom King before they can unlock Lord Arthur. It should be remembered that Arthur’s story is considered one of the most complex in Evil Dead: The Game.

Prom King begins with the protagonist, Lord Arthur, tasked with finding the Kandaria Dagger on Flight 666. However, before leaving the starting area to reach the goal, players are advised to ransack the lodge in Lucky Valley to obtain healing items and a crossbow. Also, visit the hut northeast of the lodge to get some supplies. After looting the premises, get into the nearest cars, drive north and turn left at the fork in the road near Bronson’s Cave. Follow the dirt path past the Cell Tower and the Green Witch Village, which will eventually lead to the Flight 666 crash site. You can also walk through the forest on foot, but driving a truck saves you the extra time.

After obtaining the Kandarian Dagger, Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game is tasked with finding the Necronomicon in Knowby’s hut. So get back in the car and follow the road to the right. Turn right again near Misery Manor to reach the hut with the forbidden book. When the main character goes outside, a wave of enemies will prevent the players from leaving. Defeat eight enemies to continue the Prom King mission in Evil Dead: The Game.

Unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead The Game

In the final part, Lord Arthur tries to access the rift in time and space. However, the evil Ash prevents Arthur from using the portal, and the only way to permanently end the boss is with Excalibur. This legendary sword can be found in Pain Manor, southeast of the Demon Tree House. Before entering the manor, however, Evil Dead: The Game players must kill a few red-glowing skeletons outside. Once again, using a long-range crossbow will help fans save time on this challenge.

After taking the sword Excalibur, return to the rift in the Fraypan Tunnel and enter the portal. Arter will fall into a pit where he will have to fight the Dedite Pit and then Evil Ash in two final boss fights. After defeating these opponents, players will have access to Lord Arter in the character select menu.

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