Light all nine lamps at the same time in Diablo Immortal: Lost Runes puzzle solution

The Lost Runes is a quest in Diablo Immortal that sends players in search of runes in Zoltun Kulle’s Library. After finding the first rune, fans will be faced with a test, the essence of which is to simultaneously light nine lamps. These lamps can be found right before the first rune, and this guide will help players light them all and continue progressing through the Diablo Immortal Lost Runes quest.

How to light all 9 lamps at the same time in Diablo Immortal

While there are many ways to solve this puzzle, the easiest one starts with all the lamps unlit. Players can return to this preliminary state at any time by interacting with the first rune, as this will reset the lamps. Once the mobile RPG fan has set this initial setting, they must complete the following two steps to complete the challenge:

  • Interact with the lamps in the four corners (You can do it in any order)
  • Interact with the lamp in the center

Alternatively, players can start the puzzle by lighting the center lamp and then move on to solve the four corners. Indeed, with this approach, all nine Lamps will be lit at the same time, and the fans will receive their reward and the next step of the quest. The next step is to take the Rune, and completing it is as simple as interacting with the obelisk, which should now be illuminated.

After that, players will be prompted to place the first Rune, and then go for the next one. Luckily, Diablo Immortal doesn’t have a second rune puzzle, although fans should be prepared for some fighting in Diablo Immortal. After winning the battle, players will place the second rune at the nearest statue and then travel to the third one.

However, Diablo Immortal characters will not be able to simply take this third and final Rune, as they must illuminate it first. To do this, a beam of light is directed at the rune, which the players must direct by rearranging several Mirrors. This is another puzzle that may take some time for players to solve.

Once the mirror puzzle has been solved, players will place the third rune back on the aforementioned statue and have a short conversation with the guardian. This ends the Lost Runes quest, and you’ll find that the quest “At Its Core” is now visible in the journal.

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