Legendary equipment in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: where to find

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Legendary gear is a must if the player wants to progress through the more difficult parts of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, such as the Chambers of Chaos. But getting legendary items can be tricky early in the game, especially if the player doesn’t know where to find them. Luckily, 2K Games has introduced a new way to get legendary loot in the early stages of the game – the Green Obelisks event.

Where to find legendary equipment

Note: In order to obtain the Green Obelisks mentioned in this guide, players must complete the main story quests: Your Bard, With Vengeance, and Emotes of the Ocean.

Queen’s Gate

The Queen’s Gate is one of the first locations players discover during the 2nd Main Story Quest (During the Main Story Quest A Hard Day’s Knight). But in order to start mining the legendary loot in this area, players need to first complete the Ocean’s Emotions story quest. After completing it, players can return to the Queen’s Gate and collect all the lucky bones, as this will increase the chances of getting the legendary loot.

Players should then travel to the fast travel point in the Walked Road, which is located at the beginning of the Queen’s Gate. Players should then climb down the broken stone bridge and pass through the fishing town until they reach an area where there are several shipwrecks and a Green Obelisk. After completing the event (defeating enemies and the event boss), players must quickly return to the fast travel point in the Road they are walking on, thus resetting the event.

Reaching the Green Obelisk, defeating enemies and fast travel should take less than 7 minutes. But, of course, players can do it even faster if they use a crit-based ranked build for the Mist Walker.

What to Expect During the Green Obelisk Event at Queen’s Gate

The Green Obelisk at the Queen’s Gate event isn’t particularly difficult, but it does require some planning. Basically, players will have to fight dozens of goblins that deal melee and ranged damage. But during the course of the event, several trolls and battle trolls will also appear, which deal huge food damage. In addition, the event boss (Droll Troll) mainly attacks in melee, but can also summon tiny fish to help him during the battle.

Goblins, trolls, and the event boss are weak to fire damage, so players should prepare fire-type spells and weapons.

Weeping darkness

Another early farming spot is near the fast travel point to the Shattered Ruins in Weeping Gloom. From the fast travel point, players can head to the ruins and then to the large tree root on the paved path. They can then go to the right and stumble upon the Green Obelisk event in Weeping Gloom.

To get the most out of this Green Obelisk event, players must collect all 20 Lucky Dice in Weeping Gloom. This Green Obelisk is closer than the previous one in the Queen’s Gate, but is much more difficult to defeat. But this event can be completed in less than 10 minutes if the player prepares for it with a Fire Elemental.

What to Expect During the Green Obelisk Event in Weeping Gloom

During the event, players should expect a lot of poison elemental damage as most mushroom enemies have poison-type attacks. Moreover, two colonies of mushrooms will spawn and constantly spawn enemies, so destroying them should be a priority for the player. Finally, the event boss (Monstrous Mushroom) has a special attack where it spews poison over a large area, so players should stay away from it during this attack.

Clawblade’s Cleansing Flame is a useful Action Skill for this event, as it creates a powerful fiery nova that can destroy small enemies.

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