Leandra The Shadow Priestess in V Rising: how to find and defeat

In V Rising, Leandra The Shadow Priestess is a level 46 enemy and defeating which rewards fighters with a Structure Blueprint for the Jewelcrafting Table and recipes for Scourge Pendant, Scourge Stone, and Skeleton Priest. Killing the Shadow Priestess also grants Bloodsucking Adventurers Spectral Assassin – Illusion Vampire Power, which summons a Phantom Assassin for 6 seconds. This spirit ally will then perform a heavy melee attack in V Rising, dealing heavy magic damage to nearby enemies. This powerful attack also knocks them back and reduces their damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds.

Where to find Leandra The Shadow Priestess

In order to find Shadow Priestess Leandra in V Rising, vampires must travel to the Church of the Damned, located in the northern part of Dunley Farm. To get to this point of interest, players can start at the northeast gate of DanlĂ­ Farm and head north past the DanlĂ­ Bastion. Beware the level 49 undead commander who patrols the road leading to the shadow priestess’s lair. Keep in mind that Leandra’s boss arena isn’t well protected from the sun, so this V Blood quest is best done after night falls in V Rising.

While there is no perfect strategy for defeating Shadow Priestess in V Rising, understanding how her boss mechanics and offensive abilities work will make the fight much more manageable. What’s more, it’s highly recommended that vampires date Leandra after reaching level 46 or higher.

How to defeat Leandra The Shadow Priestess

Here is a brief description of each of Leandra’s abilities in V Rising:

  • Spectral Assassin: Identical to the aforementioned Vampiric Strength ability, Shadow Priestess will often spawn Shadow Assassins that will rush at the player with one hit that deals high damage.
  • Shadow Bolt: Leandra fires one shadow bolt at the player in a straight line.
  • Shadow Tri-Bolt: Priestess instantly charges up and fires three Shadow Bolts at once. each of the projectiles converges after flying a short distance.
  • The Spectral Army: The V Rising boss will turn invisible and walk around one side of the arena, summoning multiple Spectral Assassins in sequence.

When Leandra summons an assassin, immediately dodge the visible spawn point. To avoid the Shadow Tri-bolt, it is best to stay at a medium distance from the Shadow Priestess. If you stay too close, players will get all the projectiles, and if you stand too far, three bolts will be aimed at the vampire’s position.

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