Leaderboards in Evil Dead: The Game

In Evil Dead: The Game, any group that goes without a leader is asking for trouble. There is nothing more useful to a deadite than receiving signals about the whereabouts of survivors when fear rises and capturing the host as a result. Every team should have such a person.

But which one? Of course, each team roster will look for different abilities and factors, but there are certain leaders in Evil Dead: The Game that make team members a little more excited than others. Do what feels right to you, but the community seems to agree that these leaders are the most stable.

Lord Arthur

Ability Effect Lord’s Wrath When activated, this ability increases the damage dealt by your melee attacks and those of your nearby teammates, in addition to reducing your fear level; if Lord Arthur has a sword, it deals extra damage. Weapon Mastery: Heavy Attacks You and all teammates within the aura deal increased damage with powerful melee attacks; start a sword match. Weapon Master: Light Attacks You and all teammates within the aura deal increased damage with light melee attacks. Kindle the Fire If you perform a finisher while Lord’s Wrath is active, the ability lasts longer.

Arthur is in the tail for several unfortunate reasons. Melee-focused attacks are a great way to play, but there just isn’t enough synergy here. Ash’s aura amplifies all damage, while Annie’s aura amplifies all ranged damage. To empower all melee attacks, you need two of Arthur’s abilities.

The incentive to play with the sword and the beginning of the game with the sword are not even bonuses. The starting weapon is often replaced with a better one within the first minute of a match. And Arthur sometimes has to forgo the best weapons to keep his skills relevant. He’s a great melee fighter and might appeal to some players, but his flaws are pretty pronounced compared to the other two options.

Annie Knowby

Ability Effect Hit ’em where it hurts When activated, this skill increases ranged damage from Annie and any teammates that are close to her. Howitzer You and all teammates within this aura deal more damage with ranged weapons. Haymaker Attacks made by you and your teammates within the radius of this aura deal more damage to the balance bar of the main evil units. Slugger Attacks by you and your teammates within range of this aura deal more damage to the balance bar of elite and evil boss units.

Annie is a leader who is very frustrating to play against as a dater. From the first level, the ranged damage of her entire team increases. This forces the enemies to come closer. But if she leveled up, then she also made it so that her team could unbalance the opponents.

Finishing moves and scenario attacks are not just high damage, they give the attacker a chance to restore stamina and become invulnerable for a short time. True, she needs to coordinate her actions with a group of friends who agree to focus on long-range attacks, but if she is controlled by a good communicator, everything will be over.

Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead)

Ability Effect Appear and Explode An active skill that creates an explosion that damages opponents’ balance beams. El Jefe An aura that affects all Survivors in range, increasing their fear resistance and damage dealt. Old friend Start a match with a chainsaw. El Jefe Grande Amplifies the effects of your aura when you perform a finishing blow or dismember an enemy.

The other two leaders seem to force the team members to play in a certain way. Ash’s versatility is what makes him so valuable. His aura increases damage from all sources, so no team member will be left in the dark.

His third skill, the free chainsaw, is nothing of interest as the best melee weapons can be found within moments of each match. But the other three of his abilities are very good, especially the first level active ability, which reduces the balance level of enemies. Thanks to this, opponents are easier to finish off. And finishing increases the aura. There is just incredible synergy here, which can be appreciated by playing with friends from any platform.

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