Lake Bass in Tower of Fantasy: Where to Catch

The Lake Bass is an aquatic fish and culinary ingredient in Tower of Fantasy that wanderers can encounter as they explore the Crown Mines and Warren regions at the end of the game. Unlike the common silver perch, the lake perch is a rare find, meaning it appears much less frequently than its silver counterpart. Fortunately, the waters of Esperia are not stingy with spawn rates and respawn timers. Therefore, wanderers in Tower of Fantasy will be able to find plenty of lake bass during their travels, as long as they know where to look.

Currently, in Tower of Fantasy, wanderers have to rely on a primitive method similar to Genshin’s to physically enter the water or swim to catch the fish to catch lake bass. Naturally, this approach can be quite tedious, especially when trying to catch a fish in deep water. To make this process a little more manageable, players are encouraged to activate their jetboard to quickly swim through the water, grabbing lake and silver bass along the way. It may take some practice to get the timing right, but it’s still faster than wading or swimming from fish to fish.

In the video below, players can find out the best places to fish for lake bass in Aesperia. Keep in mind that exploration of the Warren or Corona region requires a fairly upgraded suppressor, which means that low-level adventurers may need to push ahead before they can find and catch Lake Bass.

Those with only access to the Crown can scour the river west of Transport Hub and Goldrush Mountain to find a few lake bass spawning points. The area is relatively easy to navigate thanks to the linear trail and shallow water. On the other hand, the icy waters off the east coast of the South Naafjords are a much better place to breed lake bass in Tower of Fantasy. Players can find an abundance of fish here, but navigation can be difficult due to the numerous glaciers.

Upon catching a lake bass, wanderers can either eat it immediately to recover 4 health. satiety, or cook it to get salmon sashimi, a hearty meal in the Tower of Fantasy that restores 20 health. satiety and grants a (+2% + 150) ice damage buff for 20 minutes. Additionally, this item may appear in Bounty Missions, which players can complete for various rewards, such as weapon upgrade materials in Tower of Fantasy.

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