Knights of the Old Republic II

Part of the enduring appeal of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II is the satisfying mix of customization options that are at the player’s disposal. One of the most important decisions fans have to make in KotOR II is class selection. Players can become Protector, Guardian or Consul.

Consulars use the Force as their main ally. While Guardians excel at close combat, Consulars use the Force creatively to dominate their enemies on the battlefield. New players may find it difficult to understand the Consular class. The suggested starter build is perfect for players looking to try their hand at the Consul class.

Starting Attributes

The most important decision in the character creation screen is the allocation of the player’s attribute points. The six main attributes are strength, agility, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. A player who wants to get started properly with the Consul class can allocate their points as follows:

  • Strength: 10
  • Agility: 14
  • Constitution: 14
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Wisdom: 16
  • Charisma: 14


Strength is one of the least important skills when it comes to Consular. Much of the Consular’s offensive power comes from Force abilities rather than melee weapons like the lightsaber. However, players may need to use a lightsaber just in case, so a starting value of 10 is a good compromise.


Agility is essential to keeping the consul alive in the heat of battle. This skill determines how likely the player character is to successfully dodge enemy attacks. Since Consulars are slightly more vulnerable compared to Sentinels and Sentinels, it is recommended to start dexterity at 14.


The constitution affects how many hit points a player gets after leveling up. It also plays a role in which implants players can use. So starting Constitution at level 14 is a good stat to keep a Jedi Exile alive early on and to be able to equip at least some of the implants. Increasing this stat as the player levels up is highly recommended.


Intelligence does not play a vital role in the creation of a Consul. This stat affects how many skill points are awarded after each level up, with higher intelligence granting more points. Players can use fewer skill points, so this attribute can be safely ignored.


Wisdom is the primary attribute of the Consul. It determines how many power points players get after each level up (consuls, by nature, already get a boost in this regard). High wisdom means more power points to use in combat. In addition, it will be very difficult for enemies to counter the player character’s Force abilities. Raise Wisdom as often as possible!


Charisma should not be overlooked when allocating attribute points. It amplifies the power of the player character’s Force abilities and makes companions more effective in combat, increasing their chance to hit the target. Charisma also plays a role in persuasion, which opens up great opportunities in dialogue.

Starting Skills

Like the Guardian class, the Consular starts with 4 class skills. These include awareness, persuasion, repair, and treatment of trauma. It is worth noting that class skills cost 1 skill point, and interclass skills cost 2 skill points.

Players don’t have to worry too much about Mindfulness, as stepping on mines is rarely that dangerous. Persuasion is where fans should spend the majority of their skill points, as it is useful in dialogue. Repair and treatment of injuries do not require special attention, although repairs may come in handy in certain situations.

Featured Feats

Consuls do not rely on exploits like Guardians do. However, consuls have the opportunity to gain a few feats that will help them in combat. At the earliest opportunity, fans should max out the following feats:

  • Critical hit
  • Focus of power
  • Power point regeneration
  • Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber

Recommended Strength Abilities

Strength abilities are something Consulars excel at. Consulars can muster an impressive repertoire of Force abilities, and it is from these that they draw their greatest strength. Many of these abilities depend on the orientation of the player character. It is recommended to invest in the development of these abilities:

  • Force Resistance (universal)
  • Combat Meditation (Universal)
  • Influence on the mind (universal)
  • Healing (Light Side)
  • Stun (Light Side)
  • Revive (Light Side)
  • Wound (Dark side)
  • Shock (Dark Side)
  • Force Shout (Dark Side)

Prestige Classes

At level 15, players can select a prestige class by speaking to Kreia after the Jedi Exile has gained enough Light Side or Dark Side points. Fans have three options to choose from. It:

  • Jedi Armsmaster/Sith Marauder (Defender class)
  • Jedi Guardian/Sith Assassin (Guardian class)
  • Jedi Master/Sith Lord (Consul class)

It is recommended, especially for beginners, to stick to the class they chose at the beginning of the game. In this case, fans should select a Jedi Master/Sith Lord as their Prestige class. With this choice, players will unlock several more feats, including Empathy, Conditioning, Double Strike, and Regeneration.

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