Kindred of the Ebon Blade in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, the Black Blade Kindred is one of the bosses that you will encounter near the Animal Refuge in the Starry Wastes. Dealing with a gargoyle at the very beginning can be difficult, but the reward for killing it is worth it. Here is everything you need to know about the Ebon Blade bloodline in the Elden Ring.

Ebon Blade Kin Overview

  • Location: Starry Wastes, Animal Sanctuary
  • Required: No
  • Summons: Players and Spirit Dust
  • Drops: Black Gargoyle Blade, Black Gargoyle Halberd
  • Weakness: Physical hits

Kindred of the Ebon Blade is located outside the Animal Refuge in the Starry Wastes. The boss is optional and you can play through the story without meeting him. The boss appears twice: once in the Starry Wastes and once in the Forbidden Lands.

A similar version of the boss spawns in the far east in Nokron, the eternal city. You can call on spirits or online players to help you in this fight. After defeating the boss, you will receive two weapons: the Black Gargoyle Blade, which increases agility well, and the Black Gargoyle Halberd, which gives amazing strength.

Tip: The boss is weak against Physical attacks. The boss is immune to Red Rot, Poison, Frostbite and Bleeding.

Attacks of the Kin of the Ebon Blade

The Kindred of the Ebon Blade has a limited number of attacks it can perform. Being close to him also reduces the chances of seeing his power attacks. It’s worth looking out for attacks like Sword Slam and Halberd Slam, which can deal a lot of damage and increase it over time.

The boss alternates between single sword strikes and combo sword strikes.

  • Tip: Each time, dodge in the direction the attack is coming from.

Kindred of the Ebon Blade points his sword forward.

  • Tip: Roll to either side to avoid an attack.

The boss grabs the halberd from the back and sweeps the player away.

  • Tip: Dodge in the direction of the attack by leaning towards the boss.

Kindred of the Ebon Blade leaps into the air and descends, loading his halberd at the player.

  • Tip: When the boss approaches you, dodge in any direction.

The boss raises his sword, empowering it, and slams it into the ground, releasing a wave of energy that spreads forward.

  • Tip: Roll to either side when the wave approaches you to avoid damage from this attack.

Kindred of the Ebon Blade uses his halberd to spin aggressively around himself and then slam it down on the player, dealing damage over time.

  • Tip: Roll backwards to avoid spinning attacks and roll to either side for a slam attack.

How to defeat the Kindred of the Ebon Blade

There are three strategies for this fight:

  • In melee where you use your punch attacks to deal some serious damage to the boss.
  • On a horse, which is quite risky, since you cannot dodge attacks perfectly, but allows you to keep the necessary distance.
  • Magic, using arcane spells like Azur’s Comet, you take away large chunks of the boss’s health.

You can also appease the boss and use your horse to make the boss jump off the cliff, but this is difficult.

Hand-to-hand combat strategy

The melee strategy for this fight is quite simple. Stay under the boss at all times to reduce the chance of performing his charged attacks. You will need to pay special attention to his sword swings, especially his Sword Combo attack. Take with you any weapon that deals high damage from hits.

Tip: Attack the boss no more than twice before preparing to react to his attacks.

If possible, it is better to change the affinity of the weapon to Holy, Fire and Lightning. These affinities deal minor damage to the boss and can drag out the fight and make it even more frustrating.

Horse strategy

A horseback strategy is not the best option. Mostly because his clear attacks are harder to dodge while mounted. While sitting on the Torrent, you can keep your distance from the boss and attack him at perfect intervals.

However, this causes the boss to jump more and use two dangerous power charges. If you plan to use Affliction on a horse, then a mounted strategy is a good option.

Ranged strategy

You can use sorcery or spells on the boss to lower his health from afar. Affliction is very useful against the boss and deals decent damage. Azur’s Comet is a good option for casting, as it deals serious damage to the boss in a straight line. However, the boss can bypass the spell multiple times, costing a lot of your mana.

Tip: Avoid using Fire, Lightning and Holy scale weapons and spells as the boss has a high resistance to them.

However, if your entire constitution revolves around Faith and Fire spells, you don’t have much of a choice and should try to keep your distance and use your Fire Sling properly, as the spell has a slow casting speed.

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