Kamisato Ayato Constellation Guide in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Kamisato Ayato has finally been added for version 2.6, and knowing his Constellations is integral to his creation. Ayato has been a popular character even before his announcement, thanks to his attractive design and the fact that he is the brother of Kamisato’s beloved Ayaka. For many players who are hoping to collect multiple copies of it, knowing Ayato’s Constellations and how they work will help players understand what benefits they get with each copy and how they change his gameplay.

Character constellations and their descriptions can be viewed on the Constellations tab. Players can access this tab from the character’s profile. While descriptions of the Constellations are available in the game, they can be slangy and difficult to understand. Here is a guide to all Kamisato Ayato’s Constellations and their functions.

Constellations are obtained when the player obtains multiple copies of the same character through Wishes. These Constellations must be manually unlocked in the character’s Constellations tab. Each character has a total of six Constellations (meaning players need to summon the character seven times to fully unlock their abilities).

The best constellations of Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact

The description of Ayato’s Constellations is much simpler than most of the new characters in Genshin Impact, so players should be able to easily understand what they’re doing. Here are all the Ayato Constellations and how they work:

Level 1: Kyoka Fushi

Damage dealt by Ayato’s elemental skill is increased by 40% against enemies with less than half health.

Level 2: Spring of Peace

The maximum number of stacks available during Ayato’s Elemental Burst is increased to five, and Ayato’s maximum health is increased by 50% if he has at least 3 stacks. This allows Ayato to gain a significant health boost and deal more damage when using Elemental Burst.

Level 3: Contemplation of flowers

Increases the maximum level of Ayato’s elemental skill by three, allowing him to deal significantly more damage.

Level 4: Endless Stream

All party members get 15% increased normal attack speed after Ayato uses his Elemental Burst.

Level 5: Bansui Ichiro

Increases the maximum level of Ayato’s Elemental Burst by three, allowing it to deal more damage and grant party members a larger DMG attack boost.

Level 6: Endless Source

After using the Elemental Skill, Ayato’s attacks deal an additional two hits, each dealing 300% of Ayato’s ATK as DMG. This means that Ayato is getting a huge damage boost based on his ATK, which means Ayato level C6 players should pay more attention to boosting his ATK.

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