Justine and Caroline’s special dates in Persona 5: Royal

In Persona 5: Royal, we’ve brought back the special date system, as you can now take the adorable, cute, and slightly scary guardian twins of the Velvet Room on special outings around Tokyo. Fans of Justine and Caroline will love some of the funniest (and often thought-provoking) scenes in Persona 5: Royal. Even if you treat the twins as characters, you will receive a significant reward for participating.

What are Justine and Caroline’s special dates?

On the night of June 6, Justine and Caroline will call you and demand your presence, and then this mini-quest will begin, in which you will babysit them in exchange for skill cards.

This is completely optional and doesn’t affect their rank-up in any way, but the cards you’ll receive as a reward are quite nice, so be sure to give them a tour as soon as you can. All you have to do is talk to Justine at the Velvet Room doors on the evenings they are available.

Note: To accompany the twins, you must unlock the respective locations. In addition, unless otherwise noted, all offsite events are only available until December 19th.

Every request for special dates

We’ve put together this table for a quick and concise summary of each of the 13 Special Exits, so be sure to bookmark this page if you’re playing Persona 5: Royal right now and want to make the most of the Joker’s awkward friendship with Justine and Caroline.

Tip: Our table lists all special runs in chronological order. As with partying with confidants, you won’t be able to complete this quest out of order. Make sure you unlock each location beforehand to save yourself some headaches!

Location Initial Availability Date Unlock Conditions Rewards Burger Big Bang June 6 No Special Conditions Maragi, Mabufu Shibuya Cinema June 7 You had to watch the movie alone or with a proxy before this special tour became available Frey, Psi Shibuya Gym June 15 Trusted chariot face must be rank 5 Able student, counter Kanda Chapel June 25 No special conditions Samarekarm Shinagawa Aquarium July 26 You can unlock the aquarium by reading the Daily Aquarium book in the Shibuya Bookstore or by participating in an additional session of the Trustee of Justice on July 29 Masukukaya, Masukunda Skytree (Asakusa) July 26 Star rank 6, Love rank 7 or reading the book “Shita-machi: Rebirth” (Mementos Mission Award “Who Works in Yongen Jaya” issued by Mishima on August 29) Tarukaya, Rakukaya, Sukukaya Miura Beach September 2nd No special arrangements Growth 2 Maid Cafe Akihabara September 19th Just make sure that you have visited the Gornica Cafe at least once in advance Tetraja, Dekunda, Dekaya Land of Destiny (Maihama) October 1 Complete October 11 storyline or read Theme Park Escort (quest reward for We Are Not Only Your Slaves, given Mishima the day after the Futaba Palace was cleared) Tetrakam Ueno Art Museum October 1 Emperor Rank 3 Regenerate 3 Leblanc November 15 No Special Conditions High Counter Shibuya Underground Shopping Center December 1 No Special Conditions Heat Riser Leblanc Attic Room January 13 No Special Conditions Enduring Soul

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