Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising: How to Find and Defeat

The order of bosses in V Rising is not always linear, and you may encounter various rogue bosses much sooner than expected. This certainly applies to Jade, the vampire hunter, who is a big step up from Tristan and is a constant presence as you cross over to the Danlí farmlands. Her combat level is much higher than Danli’s early enemies, so it’s best to avoid her until you get enough energy.

In this guide, you will learn where to find Jade the Vampire Hunter, the best combat strategy to defeat her, and what rewards will keep you looking for her.

Where to find Jade the Vampire Hunter

Jade the Vampire Hunter is one of the more difficult bosses as she roams the large stretch of Danley’s western farms. She is mostly found on the road from the Cotton Farm to the easternmost militia camp, patrolling alone, looking out for her shady prey.

Militia patrols also roam these roads, so try to get Jade off the beaten path and into the nearest forest, although her propensity to move around may make this easier said than done. During the fight, she will not trigger any augmentations, so you only need to focus on her.

Note: The nearest teleports are located both in the northeast and in the southwest of the Danli farm.

Due to Jade’s wandering nature, you’ll want to use your Altar of Blood to track her down.

How to Defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter

Jade the Vampire Hunter is a level 62 boss and is considered one of the easier late game enemies. She only has a few mechanics, and they certainly don’t affect the boss as much as other bosses in her tier.

Shot from a distance

Her main attack is a long-range pistol shot that moves quickly and has a fairly slow shutter speed. You need to stay within melee range of Jade at all times, so you need to be able to get around her from the side or behind her in order to easily dodge this attack.


Sometimes Jade turns invisible and runs away from you. However, effects like Chaos Flames will make her visible, and you can always see a faint outline to know where she’s headed.

Any summoned minions from spells such as the Chamber of the Damned will also be able to see Jade and lead you straight to her.

bomb toss

Jade also frequently jumps and drops a bomb on the ground at her current location. The bomb deals minor damage, but that’s when you need to use your movement ability to keep up with it.


Jade’s next ability is to throw caltrops on the ground that slow and damage you if you run into them.

They only cover a small area at first, but as the fight continues, the ground will be littered with them, so try to take Jade to an area with more space, although she has a habit of standing on them.

sniper shot

Jade’s most powerful move is to fire a sniper burst at you. This will be indicated by a thin red beam and she will fire one shot that will silence you. This is quite frustrating, as you won’t be able to cast any spells, abilities, or auto-attacks during this time.

The shot can be dodged, but it moves very fast, so you will have to constantly move to fight it safely. It also has a long duration so you can freely punish the boss with your damage.

Note: Jade’s bullets will be able to stun and burn you with Chaos, and although the debuff does not last long, it may mean that you will be hit by another hit.

For gear, try combos from Chamber of the Damned and Chaos Wave. This will give you great protection against sniper shots, as well as good damage from your minions and Chaos Flames.

A dark silver reaper or sword is a good weapon choice, and the Regalia of Downthorne armor is a standard late game defense. Try to get some Scholar’s Blood beforehand, and for the ultimate you have a few options. Mirror Strike can deal a lot of damage, and Crimson Beam can be used to restore health. But be careful, as her Silence will cancel your roll!

In general, keep advancing and try to bypass Jade. Staying in melee is very effective, and thanks to the Chamber of the Damned, you don’t have to fear any of its spells.

Rewards for defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter

You can only get a few rewards for Jade, but they are quite important.

Chaos Vampire Power

An ultimate that allows you to release four Chaos Orbs that act similar to Chaos Volley, but with a little AoE. A strong offensive choice, the ability to stay on the move and still deal damage from a distance is a new feature for you and you might want to consider it for fights with a high movement requirement.

The damage is decent and will be useful in fights with a lot of additional enemies.

Primal Blood Essence Recipe

This is a vital part of developing your gear and makes Jade a must-have boss to kill. They can be crafted in the Blood Press from four Exquisite Hearts or nine Greater Blood Essences.

They are mainly used to create the strongest equipment: Sanguine Weapons and Bloodmoon Armor. Exquisite Hearts can be a little tricky to get, so Big Blood Essences might be an easier option.

Large explosive box

Your final reward is a crate of large explosives. This item is mainly used for PvP as it deals massive damage to stone structures such as player castles.

They also destroy structures such as mass resource nodes, so they can be used in PvE content as well. The Basic Blast Box can be crafted at your Alchemy Table and will cost you:

  • 12 sulfur
  • 8 reinforced boards
  • 40 gemstone dust

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