Jade Shivada in Genshin Impact: how to get

In Genshin Impact, Shivada’s Jade is one of the elemental stones, specifically the one used to raise Cryo characters. In the Ascension process, Cryo Vision users will need either Shards, Fragments, Pieces, or Precious Jades, depending on their level.

Like all other elemental gems, Shivada Jade can be found in a variety of ways. It is mainly obtained as a reward for bosses, but there are other sources. Let’s take a look at all the ways to find Shivad’s Jade in Genshin Impact, as well as who’s using it.

Which characters need Jade Shivad

Shivad’s Jade is a must for any character with Cryovision. Each Ascension level requires this stone in different formats, as shown below:

Ascension Level Character Level Required Gem 1 20 3 Shards 2 40 3 Fragments 3 50 6 Fragments 4 60 3 Pieces 5 70 6 Pieces 6 80 6 Gems

There are currently 10 Cryo characters in Genshin Impact, which means there are 10 characters that will use Jade Shivada.

Bosses that drop Jade Shivad

The surest way to get Shivad’s Jade is by defeating bosses that can drop it. After defeating the boss, pay 40 Elemental Resin to receive his rewards, including any Elemental Stones he might drop this time. Luckily, there are quite a few bosses that can drop Shivad’s Jade when defeated.

As a rule, the higher the level of the boss, the better the gem drops. This table lists the levels of bosses where you can get gems of each type:

World Tier Boss Tier Gems 0+ 36+ Shards 2+ 41+ Fragments 4+ 62+ Pieces 6+ 83+ Gems

Note: *It should be noted that Primo’s geowishap will only drop elemental stones that correspond to the element with which it was imbued at the time of the battle. Shivad’s Jade will only drop if it was infested with Crio at the time of the fight.

However, Topaz Prithiva can always drop from this boss.

Weekly Bosses

Weekly bosses (and Andrius) can also award gems after defeating the boss. The following weekly bosses have a chance to drop Shivad’s Jade:

  • Lupus Borealis Andrius (Trial of the Wolf of the North)
    • Level 39+: Shards
    • Level 42+: Fragments
    • Level 63+: Pieces
    • Level 84+: Precious Jade
  • Tartaglia “Childe” (Golden Chamber)
  • Azhdah (Under the Tree of Suppression)*.
  • Signora (Narukami Island: Tenshukaku)

At higher levels, these bosses can drop better quality gems. They generally follow this pattern, although Andrius is slightly different and is listed above:

Gems Dungeon Levels Shards I, II, III, IV Fragments I, II, III, IV Pieces II, III, IV Gems III, IV

Note: *As with the Ancient Geovishap, the gems that Ajdaha drops depend on what element he infuses into himself during the fight. Shivad’s Jade is only awarded if he infused Cryo during the fight. Azhdahi’s elemental infusion is based on a fixed weekly rotation. He is able to give Topaz Prithiva no matter what elements are infused into him during the week.

Fortunately, what elements Azhdah infuses into himself every week can be seen on the door to his domain before entering the battle.

Other ways to get Jade Shivada in Genshin Impact

Apart from boss fights and strength tests, there are several other ways to get Shivad’s Jade.

Daily quests

One of the easiest ways to get Shivad’s Jade is by completing the Adventurer’s Guild daily quests.

Each day, players receive four daily quests. After completing all four, they can go to any branch of the Adventurer’s Guild and talk to Katherine, who will give them bonus rewards. Sliver’s elemental gems may be among them.

Unfortunately, their issuance is random, but since daily commissions are a great way to earn primogems, gems are a bonus.

Craft / Alchemy

Using the crafting bench, players can craft higher tier gems from lower tier gems.

Here’s how it works:

Mora Ingredients Product 3 Shards + 300 = 1 Fragment 3 Fragments + 900 = 1 Piece 3 Pieces + 2700 = 1 Gem

This means that it will take 27 Slivers to craft the gem. It’s expensive but reliable, and players will often craft higher tier gems themselves rather than find them.


Also in the craft shop, the player can use some Nitrogen Dust to transform other elemental gems into the one they need. Nitrogen Dust can be purchased from Paimon for Stardust at a rate of 10 Nitrogen Dust for 5 Stardust.

Higher tier gems require more Nitrogen Dust to convert, as shown here:

Gem Level Requires Nitrogen Dust Shard 1 Fragment 3 Piece 9 Gem 27

Shivada Jade can thus be transmuted from Varunad Lapis Lazuli, Vayud Turquoise, Vajrad Amethyst, Prithiva Topaz or Agnidus Agatha.

Parametric Converter

There are many things you can create in the Parametric Transformer, and gems are just a few of them. By using the right materials, players can increase the chances of getting a “set” of two Shards, or a “set” of one Fragment of a random Elemental Gem. They can get multiple “sets” of the same item, which means they can get multiple gems.

The type of fuel used only increases the chances of getting certain items, not guarantees them. The following items, when entered into the Parametric Transformer, are more likely to drop Elemental Gem Sets:

Iron Chip Lapis Core Rigid Arrowhead Ceremonial Hunter’s Knife White Iron Chip Midnight Jade Sharp Arrowhead Agent’s Ceremonial Knife Crystal Chip Starsilver Ore Old Arrowhead Inspector’s Ceremonial Knife Magic Crystal Chip Crystal Bone Marrow Sango Pearl Axolotl Pearl Amethyst Chunk Crystal Core Electro Crystal

souvenir shops

There are two souvenir shops in Teyvat that sell elemental gems.

However, there are a few restrictions on obtaining elemental gems this way. First, they only sell Shards. Second, they only accept elemental seals as payment, not Mora. Lastly, they sell a limited amount and don’t offer more Shards after their stock is sold out.

The first store is in Mondstadt, which is managed by Marjorie. She only accepts Anemo stamps as payment. She will sell six Shivad Jade Shards for 10 Anemo Seals each.

The second merchant selling Shivad Jade Shards is Xinxi, owner of the Souvenir Shop in Li Yue Harbor. This store only accepts Geo Stamps as payment, charging 10 stamps per Shard. However, Xingsy has 12 Shivad Jade Shards!


Finally, Elemental Gems can often be found as rewards during limited-time special events.

Most events have either direct rewards for completing certain tasks, or an event store filled with rewards that can be purchased with currency. These events often contain items for exaltation or talent materials such as elemental gems or talent books.

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