Isolated sacred tower in Elden Ring: how to get and open

In Elden Ring, the Isolated Sacred Tower is not connected to any major land. True to its name, the tower sits secluded on a small island in the sea north of the Dragon Forest and south of Giant Peaks.

How to get to the Isolated Sacred Tower

To get to the Isolated Sacred Tower, you must use the Portal on the Divine Bridge in Leindell, the Ash Capital. The path to the Tower Portal can be quite tedious, as they will have to fight several high-level enemies to get to the Portal. Luckily, there is an easy alternative route that can be taken using the portable trap on top of the Tower of Return. You can get to this location by heading southeast from the Secluded Trader’s Shack in the Weeping Peninsula. This portal will send the protagonist directly to the Divine Bridge, allowing him to bypass all enemies and even slip past the huge slumbering golem at the entrance.

How to open the gates of the Isolated Sacred Tower

However, when you get to the Secluded Sacred Tower, you may not understand how to open it and what Great Rune is used to unlock its doors. Accordingly, in order to open the Insulated Sacred Tower and activate the power of the rune, you will need the Great Rune of Malenia.

Malenia is a demigoddess and Queen of Rot, the twin sister of Michelle, a great warrior and swordsman whose blade knew no defeat. The only way to get to her location is to collect the two halves of Erd’s Sacred Tree’s Secret Medallion and activate the hidden mechanism in Rold’s Grand Elevator to access the Erd’s Sacred Tree’s Secret Path, which leads to the Consecrated Snowfield. Travel further north to Ordina, the liturgical city, and complete the prison puzzle to enter the Sacred Tree Portal of Mikella.

When you arrive at the Sacred Tree of Michelle, you will have to make your way through the winding branches of the canopy before reaching Elfael. The region is full of formidable enemies like Loretta. When you get to the Roots of the Sacred Tree, you will be able to fight Malenia. It is highly recommended to meet with Malenya along with other summoned players or prepare an improved Spirit Dust in advance. Also, to fight, you must be level between 120 and 150. After defeating the Queen of Rot, you will be able to return to the Isolated Sacred Tower and gain access to Two Fingers.

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