is it possible to have an affair with someone?

Can you romance anyone in Horizon: Forbidden West? Does Horizon: Forbidden West allow romance with other characters? Many modern RPGs have romance options that allow your character to get intimate with certain companions. As part of our guide to Horizon: Forbidden West, we will tell you if this option is available in the game.

Is it possible to have a romantic relationship with someone?

Although Aloy meets dozens of characters throughout Horizon: Forbidden West, there is unfortunately no romance option in the game. The game does not have the ability to build relationships with the characters and enter into a romantic relationship with them, and there are no love scenes at all.

From a story standpoint, it’s easy to see why Aloy doesn’t pay much attention to this, given that she has an incredible amount of mission responsibilities. She has no time to slow down and relax – after all, you need to save the whole world!

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