Infernal Staff of the Prelate in Elden Ring: how to get

In Elden Ring, the Prelate’s Inferno Croizer is a heavy weapon that only the tainted with high strength and stamina can use effectively. While capable of dealing massive damage to all enemy types, they are slow to use and recover from a missed attack, leaving their wearer vulnerable to attacks.

About the Infernal Staff of the Prelate

The Infernal Staff of the Prelate requires 45 Strength and 8 Dexterity to use than other heavy weapons. It is perfect for classes like Rogue, Hero and Warrior. Better individual weapon stats allow it to deal 156 physical damage and 100 critical damage. In addition, the Prelate’s Infernal Staff can launch enemies into the air, while the Prelate’s Dash weapon skill lets you slam a colossal hammer into the ground to cause a burst of flames.

As players increase their Strength and Agility, the physical damage of the Infernal Staff of the Prelate will also increase. Another feature that sets this colossal hammer apart from other high-damage weapons is that it can be infused with Ashes of War in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Infernal Staff of the Prelate

To get the Infernal Staff of the Prelate, you need to travel to Fort Layed and defeat the enemy who wields it. Fort Layed is located on the western edge of Mount Gelmir, and since the enemy who wields this hammer is not a boss in Elden Ring, this fight should be easy for most players. However, the Infernal Staff of the Prelate will still deal massive damage to players, so it’s best not to be reckless in this fight.

While this will require a huge amount of stamina and strength, players should definitely try using the Infernal Staff of the Prelate in combination with the Ox-Goat armor set. This will really set you up to be the best glass gun in Elden Ring and prepare them to take massive amounts of damage and deal it at the same time.

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