Important Decisions and Points of No Return in Dying Light 2

From time to time in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, opportunities open up before you that can lead to serious consequences. Compared to regular dialogue responses, these responses are often accompanied by a timer and separator arrows, implying that you need to make a fateful choice. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you make the big decisions and get past the point of no return.

Guide to Major Decisions and the Point of No Return in Dying Light 2

Note: * those dialogues that we have chosen are marked.

For the sake of clarity, this Dying Light 2 guide will only cover the major decisions up to and including the point of no return mission. Also, since the game uses a single autosave system, it was completely impractical to try to consider all the possible consequences. Therefore, I have only added information about those that I have come across (they are marked with an asterisk). However, I will mention the tidbits received from the developers.

Raid 1

When you get to the inn, Hakon will tell you that you can ask Aitor of the Peacekeepers for help to get to the Central Loop.

  • Go to Aitor;
  • Go and meet Sophie* – I went inside the building and ended up fighting a few thugs.

Raid 2

If you decide to meet Sophie, you will eventually find her and she will point the crossbow at your face (as shown in the picture).

  • Test me;
  • We can help each other* – This was followed by another set of options below:
    • I’ll Help* – This led to Sophie’s “Water Tower” quest;
    • No way, I won’t help you.

Water tower

Jack and Joe, two renegades, planted bombs on the Horseshoe water tower. I neutralized them and met them at the top.

  • I will help you;
  • I won’t help you* – You will fight both of them.


In this task, you have to blow up a tower controlled by peacekeepers. They are not too happy, and ended up killing Vincenzo. Hakon informs you that the subway is empty and you can now head to the Central Loop.

  • I’m going to do what Alberto promised* – This will force you back to the Bazaar. Unfortunately, there are Peacekeepers there who have imprisoned or killed several Survivors. You will also have to eliminate Anderson, one of Aitor’s lieutenants;
  • I’m going downtown.

Note: Based on my experience, this major decision in Dying Light 2 will make the Bazaar unavailable for a while. Likewise, you will no longer be able to get into the base in the Quarry, owned by the Peacekeepers. However, later the Survivors will return to the Bazaar, although some side quests will become unavailable. According to the developers, if you choose the Peacekeepers, all side quests in the Bazaar will be canceled, and the Survivors will never return to this place.

sniper alley

Hakon will be shot by a sniper. He confesses that he worked for Waltz.

  • Leave Hakon to die;
  • Help Hakon* – He will talk to Aiden for a bit, although our protagonist will get angry. It will then disappear for a while, but will return later.

Welcome aboard/Aitor

There is a quest called “Welcome Aboard” that you will receive when you get to the PK floating fortress. At the very beginning, you will see Aitor being carried on a stretcher. You will also receive a sidequest for Aitor in which you will determine his fate by making an important decision in Dying Light 2. At the end of the sidequest, a doctor will ask you how to treat him.

  • Ask Lowen* for advice – She will advise you to give small petals;
  • Give Aitor small petals* – Aitor will be cured;
  • Give Aitor the BIG PETALS;
  • I refuse to give Aitor herbs.

welcome aboard

At the end of Welcome Aboard, Juan appears to be planning a power play against Jack Matt.

  • I can help you;
  • I’ll stay with Matt* – Honestly, Juan looked like a villain, so I just chose this option.


After activating the VNK radio tower, you decide who will control the signal.

  • Jack Matt (Peacekeepers);
  • Frank (Survivors)* – Frank was basically just delivering a message of hope for those who are trying to rebuild their lives.

night runners

Hakon is back and wants to get the timing key (even taking a few thugs with him).

  • I do not want to fight * – You will still fight with everyone;
  • You won’t get it without a fight.

Hakon will run away, but this will only lead to the second phase of the battle. After defeating him, you will be presented with another choice:

  • What’s really going on here* – Hakon will just tell you how depressed and helpless he feels;
  • Let’s not fight* – He just gives up and sits down;
  • Get even closer and I’ll have no choice.

But, we’re not done yet, because that also leads to Loan. After Hakon’s defeat, she has a chance for revenge:

  • Do what you need;
  • Loan, don’t do this* – Loan will put away her weapon. Later in some scenes, you will see Hakon alive and with the new Night Runners. They don’t quite trust him, but he has nowhere else to go.

Breakthrough – point of no return

Once you get the Breakthrough mission in Dying Light 2, it’s basically the point of no return in the campaign. However, at the very beginning you have to make one more important decision.

Frank and the others are ambushed by renegades, and the leader of the Survivors is badly wounded. Jack Matt is looking after him, and the truck that was supposed to take you to the Renegades is already leaving.

  • I can’t leave him/help Frank;
  • Just keep him alive/follow the truck* – This led to a city chase in which I used a paraglider to catch up with the truck. Unfortunately, by the time I reached my destination, Jack Matt said Frank was dead.

As for the point of no return, there is a doorway in the building where the truck drove into. This point of no return in Dying Light 2 will warn you that further progress will lead to a point of no return. You are also advised to complete all unfinished business in the City before proceeding.

Even though you will be able to return to Villedor much later, you need to complete the entire epilogue. How you handle this is up to you, so good luck.

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