How to win a cage match in WWE 2K22

Prior to Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22, some of the most brutal matches on network television took place in a steel cage. The steel cage has been a staple of the wrestling game series for decades, and it’s making a comeback in WWE 2K22.

How to win cage fights

Compared to a Hell in a Cell match, the mechanic can take a little longer to get used to as there are multiple ways to win. Of course, in WWE 2K22, players can customize their matches by turning off normal conditions to their liking. However, in matches that can take place in My Ascension mode, the conditions will mean that the match can be won in the following ways:

  • Pinfall
  • Submission
  • Escape through the locked cell door
  • Escape from the cage by climbing

Before participating in a cage match

If you are playing in a single match against the computer or in a multiplayer match, then it is a good idea to choose a wrestler with good recovery rates, such as Hulk Hogan or The Rock.

This means that when the player character is stunned after a strong hold, the wrestler will recover much faster in the ring.

  • To check the wrestler’s stats, go to the “List” menu under “Options”.
  • Select “Edit Superstars”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “Recovery”
  • Here the player can increase or decrease the wrestler’s recovery statistics.
  • As already mentioned, the higher the recovery rate, the more likely the wrestler has to prevent the opponent from breaking out.

Winning the cage match

Cage Matches differ from normal and other special matches in WWE 2K22 in that even the AI ​​will try to take advantage and get an early win by making a run. Here are some keys to winning a cage match against an AI and against a human opponent:

  • Choose a wrestler with good recovery rates. With options, WWE 2K22 players can boost their favorite wrestler’s performance if they’re not happy with it.
  • Start the match quickly using light attacks and grabs until the opponent is stunned.
  • When the enemy is stunned, give him the finishing blow.
  • Don’t try to run away too early, as this will leave the player’s wrestler vulnerable if they fail.
  • When you get knocked down, use the recovery roll escape mechanic when prompted on screen by pressing How to win a cage match in WWE 2K22/ and right stick.
  • Try using roll recovery even if there is no hint

You can try to get out through the cage by asking the judge to open the door. This will trigger a mini-game that functions the same as submissions in WWE 2K22.

The escape attempt can be interrupted if the enemy attacks and interrupts the mini-game.

  • It may take longer to successfully climb a cage
  • Click /to start lifting.
  • The player’s wrestler will first rise to the middle of the cage, standing on the top ropes.
  • The opponent can try to climb the cage to attack the player’s wrestler

  • When the wrestler is at the top of the cage, press /to start the Escape mini-game.
  • Once the wrestler’s feet touch the floor outside, the match is won.

Of course, if the tackle and surrender provisions are active, then the player can win the match this way. However, it is much more interesting to use the unique cage match mechanics in WWE 2K22.

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