How to wash your car in Gran Turismo 7

The level of realism in Grand Turismo 7 is so high that not only will players’ cars get dirty over time, they will also need to be washed regularly to keep them looking clean. Players won’t be able to wash their cars right away, but this shouldn’t be a big problem as it usually takes quite a while before a car actually needs to be cleaned.

How to wash your car in Gran Turismo 7

In order to wash their cars, players will first need to complete Menu Book #7. This means adding to the MINI Cooper S ’05, Abarth 500 ’09 and Volkswagen Polo GTI ’14 collection, which can be obtained as a gift by finishing on the podium in the respective European races . After returning to the cafe, Luca will give the players a roulette ticket and menu book #8, while GT Auto will become available on the world map screen.

It just so happens that players need to wash their car in order to complete the next menu book. To do this, they should go to GT Auto and select the “Maintenance and Repair” item. After Sarah and Clayton’s explanation, they will be able to select the “Car Wash” option from the maintenance menu, which will cost them a very reasonable 50 credits. Then a short animation will be shown, after which their car will look like a brand new one.

GT Auto is also a place where players can change the color of their cars or get a full service. Trophy hunters should also keep in mind that the Squeaky Clean trophy is related to car washing, and the bronze trophy can be obtained by washing the car ten times. It is worth noting that nothing prevents players from doing all this in one session, if, of course, they have 500 credits in reserve.

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