How to use zip lines in Hardspace: Shipbreaker

In Hardspace: Shipbreaker, you’ll use a variety of specialized equipment to tear apart, move, and dismantle every part of the ship. One of the most important tools in a boat builder’s arsenal are cables. These items may seem simple, but they have some very handy uses.

Although the use of tethers may seem simple at first glance, an experienced shipbreaker can use tethers by experience when destroying ships. Let’s take a look at exactly how to use cables and give some tips on how to use them optimally.

How to control the harpoon and lines

Let’s first look at the basic controls for using the spear and lines.

Clicking the left mouse button while hovering over an object pulls you to that object, allowing you to manipulate it. High density objects will move slowly, while low density objects may move quickly and may cause damage to you or other parts. While grabbing an object, right-click to release the grip. For heavier objects, you will be pulled towards the object. If the object is lighter, it will pull towards you.

While aiming at an object, press and hold the right mouse button to set the anchor point on the object. While still holding the right mouse button, aim at another object and release it to set a second anchor point, creating a link between the two objects. Then these two objects will be attracted to each other. If you place the second anchor point on a stationary object, such as the walls of a shipyard, the object will move towards it.

In addition, you can press the F key to forcefully push the object you are snapped to. This will cause the object to move forward abruptly, allowing you to move it some distance without being locked to it.

Rope Tips

Tethers are best used to move large objects to the processor, furnace, and barge. Shipboard panels and heavy fuel tanks will take time to manually move to their respective rescue locations, so use ziplines to do the job for you. Simply attach a cable between the panel and the inner wall of the processor and the panel will automatically move there.

In addition, you can create tether chains by placing tethers between multiple floating objects. This will allow you to move multiple salvage items into the processor at the same time.

Similarly, you can attach multiple tethers to an object to increase its attraction and speed. The tethers already have an increased gravitational force compared to a regular spear, but you can use multiple tethers to pull even the heaviest objects into place. If you’ve stripped the ship of all parts and only the inner frame is left, you can attach some tethers to quickly move it into the oven and finish your shift.

In addition, multiple tethers can be used to rotate or move heavy objects to another orientation. For example, on some ships, large parts may be at the top, making it difficult to move them to the barge. To work around this issue, attach one cable to the side of the barge and the other to the fixed structures at the top of the rescue platform. This will cause the part to turn away from the ship, allowing you to maneuver it on the barge.

Cables are relatively inexpensive, so be sure to replenish your supply at the terminal as needed. With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at cable pulling.

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