How to use voice chat in Diablo Immortal on your phone

Diablo Immortal is a multiplayer video game that features clans. Therefore, communication with other players is a vital part of Diablo Immortal. And one of the best ways to collaborate with other players is to use voice chat. Let’s find out how it works.

Voice chat in Diablo Immortal

Voice chat allows you to communicate and coordinate actions faster than classic chat. This is the main advantage. In addition, the use of voice chat will make your game more interesting. So, how to use voice chat on mobile phones? Read this guide and you will know it.

Create a voice channel

There are two types of channels in Diablo Immortal: classic and voice. Please note that if you join a classic channel, you will not be able to use voice chat. You can create a voice chat in the chat menu by setting the voice option. You can also manually join it, but in this case you will need a link to the chat.

However, even if you have joined the voice server, other players may not be able to hear you. In this case, you should go to General Settings and set up the voice option correctly. Unfortunately, this is the only way to use voice chat in the game on mobile phones.

Use alternative voice apps

However, another option is to download alternative voice chat apps. These applications have better functionality and are easier to use. One of the best apps is Discord.

Discord is a free to download social networking site where you can create and participate in voice chats. Of course, even Instagram works the same way. However, Discord is still the best option. With Discord, you can join public servers and make new friends. In addition, there is a sharing screen and many other useful features.

That’s it for voice chats in Diablo Immortal. Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you find this guide helpful!

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