How to use the rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5 in Mission 4: War Factory

In Sniper Elite 5, the Mission 4 kill quest instructs players to kill Erlich with a rat bomb, and those who complete it will have the opportunity to unlock the Machine Pist.44 SMG. While the Rat Bomb is fairly easy to obtain – it can be found behind the Resistance fighter at the start of the level – using it to take out Erlich can be a bit confusing. This guide aims to clear up that confusion and provide detailed information on how to use the Rat Bomb and complete the Military Factory Murder mission in Sniper Elite 5.

How to use the rat bomb

The first step to using the rat bomb is to sneak into the building where Matthaus Ehrlich lives. Upon entering the building, Sniper Elite 5 players will see the outlines of several white rats on the ground, and they should approach one of them and interact with it to plant the bomb while trying to remain undetected. After that, the fans must simply wait for Erlich to finish talking to Dietrich, and then he will have to wander around the building, find the rat and detonate the bomb.

Note that if the player fails to kill Erlich in this way, he has several more options. The first is to plant a rat bomb near the entrance to the building, whistle to get Erlich’s attention, and then stand a little to the side. From this position, video game snipers should be able to shoot at the rat, and detonating the bomb when the target is nearby will eliminate it and complete the kill mission.

Another option is to directly engage Erlich and subdue him. Players can then take the unconscious character to the rat outline room and place it on the floor next to one of the rats. Next, third-person shooter fans should simply plant a bomb, move away from it for some distance, and then detonate the explosives with a ranged weapon to kill the target and unlock the weapon.

While players now have detailed information on several ways to complete the Mission 4 assassination challenge, some fans may find that they are still unable to complete the task at hand. Indeed, there seems to be some inconsistency in how Erlich interacts with the rat bombs, and their explosions sometimes incapacitate him rather than kill him. It is possible that this issue will be resolved in a future Day One Xbox Game Pass patch, but for now, players will have to try all the options available.

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