How to update and install WoW addons through Twitch

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Addon developers for WoW often update their modification – whether it’s optimization for a new version of the game, new functionality, etc.

Players can install dozens or even hundreds of addons. How can you keep track of and manage to install all the latest add-on updates? The Twitch client will help us with this.

Update and install addons through the Twitch client

  1. Downloading the Twitch client from the official site
  2. Install, login. If you don’t have a Twitch account, you need to create one
  3. Go to the “Mods” tab and select World of Warcraft

4. If you already have add-ons installed, the client will show their list, version, etc.

The “Update” button will immediately appear if an update is released on the addon. Just by clicking on this button, in a few seconds you will receive the current version of the addon (the client will unpack and replace the files on its own)

Clicking on “Get more addons” will take you to the list of modifications. This means that addons can be installed directly from here, from the Twitch client.

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