How to unlock Ye Lan’s story quest in Genshin Impact

As before, the arrival of five-star playable character Ye Lan in Genshin Impact brought with it a story quest called “Ghost Orchid: Act I – The Calculated Gambit” that players can play through to learn more about Ye Lan and how she fits into the the plot of the game.

However, for many players, Ye Lan’s story quest will be inaccessible from the very beginning, as it is hidden behind the game progression. To help such players, we have prepared a handy guide that lists all the prerequisites to unlock Ye Lan’s story quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock Ye Lan’s story quest

You can unlock Ye Lan’s story quest, The Phantom Orchid: Act I – A Timed Gambit, by using story keys obtained by completing a certain number of daily commissions – provided you meet the prerequisites below:

Adventure Rank Requirement

To unlock Ye Lan’s story quest, you must have an adventurer rank of 40 or higher.

Archons quest requirement

You must also complete the final Archon quest, Intermediate Volume: Act II – A Dangerous Path. The quest itself requires you to complete a lot of preliminary tasks that you must complete in order to unlock it.

Story quest requirement

Finally, you must complete Gan Yu’s story quest Sea of ​​Clouds, Sea of ​​People.

After completing the pre-quests listed above, you will be able to unlock Ye Lan’s Phantom Orchid: Act I – Timed Gambit story quest. Make sure you have two Story Keys handy. Otherwise, you will have to complete eight daily quests to get one key. That is, you need to complete 16 daily quests to get two keys, which will take four days, since you only receive four daily quests every day.

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