How to unlock type V armor in Tower of Fantasy

It will take you some time to unlock all the relics in the Tower of Fantasy. After all, some of them require a decent amount of grinding before you can unlock them. Take the Type V armor for example. This big droid isn’t immediately available to you, and it can take a very long time to unlock it, but it’s worth it when you finally get your hands on it.

How to get armor type V

Type V armor is one of the most powerful relics in the game. No wonder it takes a long time to get this bulky droid. Before you can get Type V armor, you need to reach at least the second chapter of the game and unlock the Crown region. The Crown region lies to the east of the Bang region. You may not be able to access this region right away, and you will have to play through the story until you get to this region.

Once you gain access to the Crown region, you will have to explore a lot in order to earn intelligence points. Type V Armor is one of the rewards you will receive for Intelligence Points as you explore the Crown region. In particular, you need 1050 points to get this relic. Intelligence points can be obtained by opening supply pods, defeating bosses and mini-bosses, interacting with objects of interest, and activating spacers.

What does type V armor do?

Type V armor is one of the many battle relics you can get. This means that this relic is intended for use in combat. After activating it, your character will turn into a mech droid for 30 seconds. This droid is immune to stuns and can fire its cannons at enemies. When you want to exit the droid, activate it again. Your character will jump out and the droid will explode.

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