How to unlock the true ending in Persona 4: Golden

To unlock the true ending in Persona 4: Golden, the Investigators (IT) team will have to do more than just rescue people before the game’s time limit expires. The Aeon of the Arcana, Marie, also plays an important role in the endings. If players forget about it but remember everything else, they will get the original PS2 Persona 4 ending.

Persona 4: Golden has multiple endings, but getting more than half of them will result in Game Over and reset the protagonist to a week ago. As long as players save people from the TV before it rains the next day in the game, they will be on the right track. After rescuing the last victim, players must choose the correct answers to the IT Specialist’s questions if they want to avoid getting one of the bad endings. Those who are going to play the true ending will also have to spend time with Marie to unlock the P4G-exclusive dungeon.

Warning: Major late game spoilers for Persona 4: Golden.

Determine the real culprit

On 12/3, the investigation team will confront Namatame about Nanako’s kidnapping and death. After some dialogue, the protagonist is given a choice: leave Namatame alive or throw him into the TV. If players have been attentive to the clues up to this point, they will probably figure out that Namatame is not the killer. In order to save Namatame, players will have to choose their answers carefully when talking to Yosuke.

Question Answer What do you want to do… Leader? Wait a second here… What do you want to say?! We are missing something. Something we don’t know. .? What do we not know?! The real feelings of Namatame. What do you not understand?! Something is bothering me. Do you understand anything or are you just pulling?! Are we missing something… Are we doing it or not?! That’s all I care about right now! Calm down, damn it!

If done correctly, Yosuke will calm down and IT will analyze the situation. Not killing Namatame will maximize the Fool arcane and unlock the Judgment arcane. It is also revealed that Nanako has recovered, much to IT’s relief.

On 12/5, IT professionals will analyze all the information they have collected to determine the true culprit. The protagonist will understand that the person who delivered the warning letter must have known exactly where he lives. When answering the question “The person who seems most likely to be the culprit is…”, choose Tohru Adachi.

If players have reached rank 8 of the Jester Arcana (Adachi social link), they will have the opportunity to cover Adachi. This will lead to the “Accomplice” ending. Select “Tell your friends about Adachi” to avoid this ending.

Optional: End Marie’s Social Link

Completing Marie’s Social Link before December 31 will unlock the Hollow Forest dungeon. The protagonist does not need to romance her to reach rank 10. If timed, the ITs will go on a ski trip and be able to enter the Hollow Forest through the TV.

The addition of Mari to Persona 4 adds more backstory and backstory to Izanagi and Izanami. Marie’s true identity is revealed to be Kusumi no Okami, who is the part of the Izanami responsible for the mist in Inaba. However, adding Marie only unlocks a new epilogue; P4G players can still skip the real, final boss of the game.

Unlock Yomotsu Hirasaka

On the 3/20th, the protagonist will have the opportunity to talk to everyone with whom he has a rank 10 social link before he leaves Inaba. After that, the player will be asked to return home. Select “No”, fast travel to Younes and inspect the elevator to go to the IT meeting point. Ignore all prompts that insist the protagonist must return home by choosing the following:

  • Not
  • I haven’t finished yet
  • Yes
  • There’s something missing here

After reading the letter from Adachi, there will be a scene in which the IT specialist will realize that there is still something left behind the scenes. It turns out that there was a person who met both Adachi and Namatame during their first visit to Inaba. Coincidentally, the Protagonist also dated this person.

After Juna, head to the Velvet Room to get the Orb of Clarity key item. Then visit Riverside and talk to Dojima and Nanako. Finally, go to the gas station in the South Trade District and talk to the employee. After talking to them, they will open up as Izanami and the ITs will be able to explore Yomotsu Hirasaka, the game’s final dungeon. Defeat Izanami and the true ending will be unlocked, as well as a new epilogue if players remember to complete the Mari Confidant quest.

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