How to unlock Gallo Valletto in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, Gallo Valletto is a new character that uses the Sentinel Spear as a starting weapon. The reason is that weapons that don’t have an evolved form usually get one when they are assigned as a new character’s starting weapon.

One of the new characters introduced to the game, the iguana Gallo Valletto (also simply Gallo), uses the Clock Lancet as his starting weapon. This sentence should probably end with an exclamation point. Along with the introduction of Gallo into the game, this semi-useful weapon has received an evolving form, and a very powerful one at that. Unlocking Gallo consists of four stages, the first of which is unlocking and completing a new stage, Moongolow.

moon golem

The Moon Golem stage is not only fun, but also a great place to collect a lot of gold. At that stage, you can pick up any passive item. The player can use this step to try out different builds and see if they work as well as they can imagine. When completing the Moon Golem stage for the first time, the player must use one of the game’s standard characters.

Using a secret character will prevent the player from advancing further in the stage and getting into the Sacred Ban (also called the Hidden Land) at the 15th minute; therefore players should avoid choosing Exdash, Tosty, Leda, Noob, or Red Death. At the 14th minute, the screen will begin to curve around the edges. Over the next minute, this curvature becomes more and more noticeable, and at the 15th minute, the character is transported to the Holy Forbidding.

Holy Ban (Hidden Land)

When a character arrives at the Holy Ban, all weapons and passive items are immediately removed from him, except for the starting weapon. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a character with a high movement speed and a direct shot weapon. Pugnala fits both of these criteria, but Poppea, Genarro and Po also fit well.

The character is forced to move along a winding passage, constantly being attacked by bats and angels. Along the way, there are light sources that will hopefully fall on the floor often enough to stay alive. This is why it’s better to use a direct weapon like a knife for this stage, as an indirect weapon like an ax will cause the player to stop at those lights.

Staying at Sacred Prohibition is generally not recommended. When the player reaches the end of the passage, there will be a Rosary item to get. Rosary defeats the level boss. Next, the player needs to go to the right and pick up the Yellow Sign relic floating in the stained glass column.

Yellow seal, gold ring, silver ring

Collecting the Yellow Seal will unlock the Golden Ring, Silver Ring, Left Metaglio and Right Metaglio passive items. The Golden Ring and the Silver Ring are required to evolve the Sentinel Spear into the Infinite Corridor. Once the player has upgraded the Clock Lancet, they will be able to purchase Gallo from the character select screen for 2,000 gold.


Gallo gains -15% cooldown, +15% duration, and -50% greed as passive bonuses. This character also gives the player +3 to reroll and pass. Thanks to the presence of the clock spear as a starting weapon, Gallo gets a free level at the beginning of the stage. It is highly recommended that the player choose a weapon with this free level. However, the Watch Lancet becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the game when paired with the Out of Limits arcana.

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