How to unlock and use life skills in Lost Ark

Life skills in Lost Ark consist of typical MMORPG gathering activities, including mining, fishing, logging, foraging, hunting, and excavation – a unique skill focused on finding relics. Players will use their life skills to gather various crafting materials and build or upgrade structures within their stronghold. The Fortress is an institution proposed by the developers of Lost Ark that serves as the player’s home and hub for all crafting systems. It is a central location for research and daily activities. Therefore, in order to improve and expand their Fortress, the player must have access to all life skills.

In order to unlock a specific life skill, Lost Ark fans must complete a specific quest related to that skill. In addition, in order to use a life skill, players will need life energy and the tool used to perform the life skill. Life Energy is a limited resource that grants players 10,000 points to use, replenished by 4,000 daily. Keep in mind that life skills rank is shared across the player’s entire account, including life energy consumption, which means that players cannot use their alt characters for additional housekeeping.

The first life skill Western players will be able to use in Lost Ark is Mining, an ability unlocked in Lakebar Village after players complete the Tyrant’s quest. Once players have activated the quest, they can learn how Mining works from the Trade Skills Guildmaster. By purchasing a pickaxe from a local merchant, fans of The Lost Ark will be able to find ore nodes on the map, displayed as blue blocks of rock. Use the “G” key to collect materials.

How life skills work in Lost Ark

The next Life Skill players will unlock will be “Fishing”, which can be done at certain marked fishing spots throughout the map. Players will gain this skill after completing the “Guide” quest, which requires them to collect food for the banquet. Fans must use “B” to switch the Mining skill to Fishing. When near a fishing spot, press the “E” key to start fishing, and press “E” again to catch the catch. Players will receive a special confirmation in Lost Ark when they catch a fish.

Tirain will later task the player to help the villagers of Friad village by foraging for food. The Life Skill quest marker will lead to an NPC named Avella, who will show you how to get food. As with loot, harvestable plant nodes appear on the map as icons. After that, upon entering Bilbrin Forest, players will learn Hunting and Logging. Upon reaching the ruins of Helmon Castle, players will unlock the final life skill, Excavate, during the quest “To the Plains of Battle”. Don’t forget to press “B” to switch between Combat Mode and Life Skills Mode.

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